How to Buy the Perfect Wireless Printer

Carrying your laptop to the printer can be a real hassle (I know, I’ve been there). The great news it that wireless printers that connect to your Wi-Fi network can take away all of the hassle. There are some things that need to be taken into consideration before buying a wireless printer though, so let’s take a look at what you need to look for.


Most wireless printers will need at a minimum a wireless G network to connect to, this should not be a problem for most because all wireless routers sold in the last 10 years are wireless G, however I am sure there are some households still operating on wireless B, just double check before you make your purchase. The main reason for checking this is because it will take longer for documents to transfer to your printer if it is on a slower network, especially photo’s.

You will also need to check that your computer can support the necessary software that the printer needs to function. Write down what your computer’s specifications and operating system are before you head to the store. You can then cross reference your information with the minimum requirements that are listed on the printers box.

Does it fit your needs?

Obviously some printers offer more features than others so you have to make sure that the printer you choose fits your needs.

If you print a lot of documents you will want a printer that can hold a large amount of paper, so look for one with a big paper feed tray. If you like to print pictures make sure the printer you choose can take advantage of different types of media like glossy, and photo paper, and that it has a high dpi (dots per inch) so that the images it produce are crystal clear, you may also want to look for a printer that has a SD or memory card slot.

If you are in need a of a copier and scanner make sure your purchase an all in one wireless printer that has that capability. You can even scan documents into your computer wirelessly which is a great feature.

Running costs and pages per minute

There are many brands of printer on the market today and they all use different ink cartridges which are proprietary to their specific brands. Take a look at the ink cartridge aisle and a look at the prices of the different inks for the printers, you could find a big difference in the cost of ink from one brand to the next. Also pay attention to the amount of pages each cartridge can print before it needs to be replaced. This information can be found on the printer box.

Do not worry too much about how many pages per minute the printer can produce. All printers are about equal in this area, and when it comes to wireless printers this number could vary greatly depending on the speed of your network, so do not let this affect your selection.

The big decision

The only thing left to do if figure out how much you would like to spend on your new printer. Wireless printers can cost as little as $49.99 for a basic model. Make sure that your current computers will be compatible with the printer you are looking at, and that it can do everything you need it too. Setting up your new printer is easy. Take a look at this guide. Once your new printer is set up, you will be able to print from any room in the house.


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