How to Buy a Jet Ink Printer and Save Money

When it come time to buy a ink-jet printer, you have a number of decisions to make. You also have a number of economic facts to understand in order for you to make the smartest choice for your situation.

The very first thing that you must understand is that the manufacturers of the ink-jet printers you are looking at make almost no profit off your purchase of the actual printer. But you – in your hearts of hearts – knew that. You’ve gone to the big box stores and read the Sunday newspaper ads and been amazed at the prices being charged. Yes, they are practically giving them away!

The reason is simple. The money is made on ink and paper. Have you priced ink recently? By the time you have bought your second ink cartridge, most likely you have paid more for ink than you did for the printer itself!

Given that the price difference between two or more similar ink-jet printers will be less then the cost of an ink cartridge. Our advice is to focus on the price of the ink-jet cartridge. This may take a little time to research. Have you noticed that almost no two printers ever use the exact same cartridge?

Here is our suggestion: Find the printers that you like. Take the brand and model numbers and the price for the ink-jet cartridges, then go to that brand’s web site. Almost always, they will have a statistic for the number of pages you can expect from each ink-jet cartridge.

Here’s the math part: Take the cost of the ink-jet cartridge and divide it by the number of expected pages per ink-jet cartridge. You now have your estimated cost of printing a page. Take that estimated cost of printing one page and multiply it by the number of pages you expect to print per year. Just use your best guess. Now do this for each printer you are considering. You have just figured out your estimated ink cost for the year. I bet the differences between the various models you are considering dwarf the few dollar differences in price (and the cost of the actual printer, itself!). Use this to help you buy the ink-jet printer that is best for you and your budget.

Also, be aware that there are a host of add-ons to ink-jet printers today. Only you can decide if you really need a fax machine or scanner as part of your printer. Also, the speed of the printer will affect the price. If your needs call for a faster printer, expect to pay a bit more. You will need to decide on these features first. Once you know the type of ink-jet printer you need, you can apply the “per page” test.