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Hobbicolor Ink–For High Quality Printer Refills

Hobbbicolors ink, available from eBay, is a good printer refill ink, that produced very lifelike prints from my Canon Pixma series photo printer. It is available in a number of different formulations, designed to work well with printers of different brands and models, and is quite affordable, especially when compared with the “universal inkjet refill kits” that are available in the grocery. The package I bought, which sold for around $40, including shipping and handling, came with six four-ounce bottles, two of black ink, and one of each color of photo ink. Although the instruction sheet said the ink was best used within two years of purchase, the kit had enough ink to print thousands of photos and tens of thousands of pages of text. In addition to the ink, the kit included flat syringes for filling, and rubber plugs with which to seal up the filling hole.

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Inkjet refilling, despite the doomsday stories told by printer companies, is becoming increasingly popular. The theory is that although inkjet cartridges cost exorbitant sums of money, often around $20, the actual value of the ink you need is much less. A cartridge typically contains less than a dollar’s worth of ink. By refilling, you can save a great deal of money. The trick, especially if you are printing photos, is to select a refill ink that closely matches your printer’s original ink, both in color and consistency. Bad refill inks will clog your printer and give you bad pictures. Hobbicolors inks, however, at least in my experience, seem to do an excellent job of emulating original Canon inks.

The ink refill kit comes with excellent directions for refilling, and you would do well to follow them. It is easy to drill a hole in your cartridge and squirt the ink in, and at that point you are inclined to be done. However, before reinstalling the cartridge, take the tape off the exit port, and squeeze the cartridge over the ink bottle. This will get out excess ink, that would otherwise flood and ultimately clog your printer’s ink head.

Ink refilling is not really a scary or messy process at all, (rubber gloves do help, though) and you shouldn’t be deterred by your printer company’s threats of a voided warranty. Hobbicolors offers excellent ink, and kits are available as cheap as $20, shipping and handling included. Especially if you print out a lot of pictures, Hobbicolors ink is somethink you should know about.