Hewlett Packard Printer Scanner Copier Series 2200

The HP PSC 2200 is probably the best multi-use printer I’ve ever owned. The quality of print and scan is almost unbelievable. I can scan in a 4×6 photo, and enlarge it to an 8×10 in just a few seconds, without any loss of clarity. The PSC 2200 also has no less than four memory card slots of different sizes, so it can be used with nearly any memory card, from almost any digital camera. With the rapid rise in the number of people who prefer to use a digital camera and print their own pictures, this feature makes the PSC an invaluable resource.

The PSC also has a fax function, which has come in handy more than once! It’s like having an entire office worth of equipment bundled into one compact unit, which is great for me as space in my home office is limited. The keypad is self-explanatory and well-labeled, which means I don’t have to go dig out the User’s Manual every time I need to use a feature I don’t utilize regularly. I have used the PSC to print well over a hundred copies at a time, with no degradation of print quality whatsoever. While the cartridges may not last quite as long as I would like them to, they are easily refilled with a standard refill kit. Refilling the cartridges can be done three to four times before the cartridge has to be replaced.

I have had problems with some of the “generic” cartridge replacements in the past, so I don’t recommend purchasing any brand of cartridge other than HP for this unit. However, as I said previously, a standard refill kit can be used several times before the cartridge is completely worn out, so this saves quite a bit of money. The PSC itself is a relatively inexpensive model, especially when compared to some of the higher-priced units that are not nearly as cost-effective to operate.

The PSC accepts 8.5″x11″ paper, obviously, and it also has a separate intake for 4×6 photo paper and standard envelopes. I have used my PSC to make labels, business cards, greeting cards, high-resolution photos, and standard black-and-white documents. It has performed all of the tasks with ease and dispatch, which makes it a pleasure for me to use. Perhaps the only thing I would change about this unit is the size of the scanning bed; a larger scanning bed would allow me to scan in larger images.

As more and more people begin to do their own printing and scanning at home, an unfortunate side-effect has occurred. Printers are now much like computers; they become nearly obsolete after about six months. I am happy to say that I have not been disappointed with my printer. Yes, HP and other manufacturers have come out with newer and “better” models since I purchased a PSC, but I have tried some of these new units without being impressed. They are good printers, admittedly, and they are bundled units similar to the PSC, but I failed to see any substantial betterment of the product itself. They are quite simply the same model with a new “look” and a different model number.