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Guide: Maintaining a Laser Printer

Laser printers these days are awesome tools to have. They insure that great images and great text are what we receive from all of our printings. They make the documents look fresh and even neater while also printing faster than other non-laser printers in most occasions. The laser printer is a complex machine though and there are steps to properly maintaining it for more effective and efficient printing. If you follow the instructions that I am going to provide below, then cleaning and maintaining your printer should be a breeze. Before beginning the maintenance make sure that you have a lint-free rag available and toner cartridges.

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Things to Know: – No cleaning solvents or sprays should be used at all on the inside of the printer for the damage can be non-repairable. – Reusing/refilling toner cartridges are less expensive and less wasteful. If you have the capability to do this take advantage of it. – Printer maintenance should be done once ever other month at least to keep it in tip-top shape. Instructions:

  1. Self-Test: Performing a self-test is the first thing that you should do to make sure before beginning the actual maintenance that everything is working well. If something is wrong with your printer at this time the test will notify you of it. It will also give you an idea, assuming that all things are running smoothly, of how it’s supposed to print.
  2. Update: Most printers do an automatic update on the software they use, but sometimes this doesn’t work because you didn’t specify it when it was first installed or maybe your firewall prevents the automatic updates from happening. Not to worry though you can get the updates from the manufacturer’s website. Check it regularly, at least once a month for up-to-date updates.
  3. Replace Toner: When toner runs low or runs out completely the first thing you should do is find out if you will have to fully replace it with a new one or if its reusable and you can refill it. While doing maintenance on your printer check how low your toner is. This should be done monthly as well to insure that you never run out. Tip: Having extra toner cartridges can be helpful, but don’t keep them for to long or in a hot area because they can dry up and then you will have wasted money.
  4. Clean Outside: This is the easiest part of the job. Grab your lint-free rag and dust or wipe down the outside of the printer. Make sure that no cleaning solvents are used while doing this, that you do not push the dust into the connection openings, and finally don’t treat the printer to rough.
  5. Clean Inside: This is probably the most complicated job you will do while performing your monthly maintenance on your printer therefore make sure that you are not distracted while doing this. The fist thing you should do is read the manufacturer’s guidelines. For most printers you will have gotten this booklet when you purchased it, however if you can’t find it visit the website and look for it there. Once you have read those guidelines or if you weren’t able to find them you should remove the toner cartridge carefully and wipe down the inside of the toner cavity with a lint-free cloth. That’s all that you should do basically. If you see dust gathering on the shell of the printer inside you should try to clean that also but be careful not to touch the laser lens at all for that could cause un-repairable damage.

I hope that now that you’ve learned how to properly maintain your laser printer you will be able to avoid printer damage, inefficient printing, and even having to pay someone to do this for you. The steps are easy to follow and if for whatever reason you may have any questions you should find an online message board and ask for help there before paying someone to help you; there are many free resources out there. Ex: (Computer Help & Tools)