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    Google Cloud Printing, Print anywhere

    The Motley Fool is very bullish on Google’s stock price. They’re of the opinion that you ain’t seen nothing yet. After looking at Google cloud print services I have to agree. While there are a smattering of new printers available that come out of the box ready for Google Cloud Printing Services chances are you don’t own one of those. Fear not. Google has you covered.

    You have to use the Chrome web browser. Go to the upper right-hand corner where you see three horizontal bars. Click on that and select settings. Go to the bottom and pick advanced settings. From there you scroll way down until you find that Google Cloud Printing Services is available to you in the web browser and turned off by default.

    When you turn it on and you have a printer that is not ‘Cloud Ready’ you simply click that you want to register your ‘legacy’ printer. This only takes a few seconds and you are set.

    Mac users (OS X) actually go to the iTunes store and download an application. Currently printing from OS X is not quite as sophisticated as the Windows side. However the developer seems to be making progress all the time. See this image:

    Your printing out in the ethers is actually safe because it is done via HTTP with SSL (Secure Socket Layers), seeing as HTTPS. The benefits of being able to print from any computer or smart phone is of course convenience delivered in spades.

    Let’s say you’re a road warrior and in a distant city, hundreds or thousands of miles away from any printer at home or at work. No problem. You can print to any Kinko’s/FedEx location and pick your work up there.

    Certainly Google Cloud Print Services Is in Beta. However the only issues that seem to be coming up are when you are not logged into your Google account. It seems to tie seamlessly together with Google Drive and the Google Apps.

    I was even able to send a color test page to my fake Microsoft printer on Windows 8.

    First we had cloud storage and then we got cloud computing. Cloud printing services really puts a neat bow on top of the cloud.

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