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    Five Best Epson All-in-One Printers

    The all-in-one printer option is becoming more and more widely popular, and is a must for a start up business or home office. It’s a great way to simplify the amount of equipment you need to purchase, in addition to the total cost. Some even include a fax option, which eliminates the need to purchase a separate fax machine. Many families can benefit from an all-in-one printer as well. For years, Epson has had a firm foot placed in the printer market. They are a fantastic brand, making affordable printers for all different needs and uses. All of these Epson printers are available at your local BestBuy, but you can also find them at Fry’s and major office supply stores such as Staples and Office Max. The main features to look for when it comes to printers are size, speed, and functionality. Here are my top five recommendations organized into two categories, best for home and best for office.

    Best for home

    For the most affordable option, start your search with the CX7400. This is your basic home printer, with all the general functions you could need. It’s also great for the college student. It’s not super fast, which may bother some, and the refill cartridges can get expensive. Still, at $70, it’s a worth a look.

    For a more sophisticated option, I’d go with the RX680. This model is more specifically for printing photos. It has all the great features of the previous model, but with two paper trays and a direct cd/dvd burning option! This is a great home printer, especially if you have teenagers or college students. It’s at a more expensive price point of $129.99, but well worth the investment with the added functionality.

    Best for office

    If you’re running a small business, take a look at the Workforce 600. This printer is fast, and even comes with wi-fi which will make connecting it with your existing network a snap. Has a large LCD display and can read many different memory cards. It’s retail price is $199.99.

    Another great wi-fi printer option is the Stylus CD9475Fax. As the model name suggests, this printer comes with the added feature of working also as your fax machine. This definitely cuts down the amount of technology you need to purchase for your office, but be aware of the added supplies you are going to need to purchase to maintain your machine, namely paper and ink toner. Its retail price is $179.99.

    For the more creative careers, I recommend the Artisan 700. It’s got a slim design and all the main features of the more expensive 800 option. This printer is great if you need to produce rich, color photos, and it even has a great photo restoring feature. Its retail price is $199.99.

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