Error 6C10 on Canon

I described in another post that inkjet printers use some kind of absorbent pads at the bottom of the printhead assembly when it is at parade rest. Canon printers (Mp 550, IP 4600, MP 110, MP 630, MP 3600 and MP 640 etc) display error code 6C10 when these absorbers are saturated and need to be replaced.
Best way to get rid of error 6c10 is to replace the absorbers, but if you prefer to reset it without doing so (in case of an emergency of course), you need to press “Power” and “Resume/Cancel” buttons in a particular sequence. Here it is:
Turn off the printer by pressing Power button (don’t disconnect it from the power source).
Resume button is marked with a triangle in circle, press and hold it then press and hold Power button. Printer will turn on.  Do not release both button for at least 5 seconds. Now liberate the resume button then press it for two times. Release all the buttons. Now you are going to reset the absorber count. Press the resume button for 4 times then complete the process by clicking the power button again.
Reset procedure will only work if ink absorbers are not saturated. In case they are oversaturated, they must be replaced.