error 6A00 on Canon Pixma

The error 6A00 on canon ink jet printers points to a problem with hardware. According to the service manual of Pixma MP800 error 6A00 means:
“An error occurred in the AP motor during purging operation”.
Parts which are likely to be faulty are:
1.Sheet feed Unit 
2.Logic Board Assembly 
3.Purge Unit 
“Faulty” does not mean that they always needed to be replaced. There might be simple reasons which can be resolved by following simple steps. Most commonly error 6A00 appears when print head carriage is stuck. Open printer cover and examine if a piece of paper or some other foreign object resides inside the printer preventing free movement of the carriage. Move the print head left and right than restart the printer. In case the printer is exposed to dust, clean the sliding section of the purge unit and apply some grease on it.  The purge unit is the assembly where the print head parks when not in use. It’s function is to clean the print head after every job cycle to maintain print quality.