Epson WorkForce 310 Printer Review

As it’s name suggests, the Epson WorkForce 310 Printer is designed for professional use and the high workload of business printing and office scenarios. There are a great many companies switching to developing printers like this for offices that include various features besides just printing. These all in one combo printers are all the rage today because of their convenience and simplistic design. The Epson WorkForce 310 is no exception to this rule and today, we’ll find out if the printer is up to the challenge and workload of business printing.


First of all, the convenience and design of Epson’s control panel for the printer is unparalleled. Epson gives you a “quick panel” design, giving you supreme functionality and access to the most used print settings all in one place. This is a great departure from Epson control panels in the past, and needless to say, this decreases the learning curve for using the Epson Workforce 310 drastically.

Another thing that comes standard with this printer is an “information center” of sorts. two inline LCD displays give you all the relevant information you’re looking for like individual printing progress, cartridge reloading information, and maintenance tips like how to fix a printer paper jam if it occurs.

Unlike other printers that claim to be “all in one” but neglect the fax function, Epson gives you the function plus a convenient speed dial data storage function. In a time intensive business world, anything you can do save some extra time can help. With the speed dial fax function, you can store up to 60 of your top fax destinations. When it comes to faxing, it doesn’t get much easier than that.

One of the things this Epson Workforce 310 lacks is a wireless port and Wi-Fi function common with other printers around this same price range. I’ve had mostly good things to say about the printer so far, but the lack of this feature is upsetting to say the least. That being said, not everyone has the want or need for a Wi-Fi so this may be a mute point.

In summary, the Epson Workforce does everything it claims to do and it does them all well. The speed dial fax information storage is a great function that I haven’t seen before and I view as a revolutionary addition to the business printer “all in one” genre. Printing speed is great and if Wi-Fi is of no concern to you, I would consider green lighting this printer and buying it.