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Epson RX580 All-in-One Printer: A Product Review

I recently purchased an Epson RX580 All-in-One printer. Because I use my printers primarily for printing photos and other photographic material, I couldn’t help but notice that Epson touts itself as being “The overwhelming brand of choice among professional photographers”. However, it was the extra features of the Epson RX580 that ultimately led me to decide to purchase this model.

Without a doubt, the Epson RX580 does indeed print photographs in the best quality I have ever experienced in a home printer. With auto photo correction and red eye removal, fixing photo flaws is a snap. The Epson ink cartridges for the Epson RX580 feature Claria Hi-Definition inks, and instead of the usual four colors of ink, the Epson RX580 uses up to six. Claria Hi-Definition inks are resistant to water, smudges, scratches, and fading. Photos print ultra fast on the Epson RX580 as well, with a 4X6 photograph printing in as little as thirteen seconds! The Epson RX580 offers PC free photo printing as well, with ports for directly plugging in your digital camera, or camera memory chip.

The Epson RX580 is designed with a digital screen and full operating capabilities located directly on the face of the printer. Not only can you choose your document layout, graphics, and border directly from the controls located on the printer itself, but you can also display and crop photos, as well as adjust your print settings.

The Epson RX580 is efficient, and the fastest printing inkjet printer I have personally owned. With the capability of printing up to thirty black and white or color document pages per minute, as well as thirty black and white or color copies per minute, the Epson RX580 doesn’t keep you waiting long.

One of the most appealing functions of the Epson RX580, and what turned out to be the function that really compelled me to purchase this model, is it’s ability to print directly onto a CD. Instead of using labels on your CD’s, with the Epson RX580 you can actually print photos or any other graphics directly onto the face of a CD. This is more of a “Bells and whistles” function, but a lot of fun, just the same. In order to print directly onto the face of a CD with the Epson RX580, special printable CD’s must be purchased for this use.

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In addition to these functions and capabilities, the Epson RX580 is also a full capability scanner and copier. The only aspect of the Epson RX580 that I wish I could change, is how fast it seems to go through ink cartridges. With my previous PSC, ink cartridges lasted quite a long time, even with what I perceived to be high amounts of color printing. The ink levels for the cartridges used in the Epson RX580 seem to empty quite a lot faster. And considering it takes six cartridges, it’s easy to see how this aspect of it’s function can easily become quite expensive. However, overall, I am very pleased with my Epson RX580, and look forward to years of great printing quality and capabilities.