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Don't Be Afraid to Buy Printer Ink on eBay

Printer ink is expensive, often more expensive than the original purchase price of the printer the ink goes to. This was my situation for my Brother MFC- 255CW, which I had purchased along with my laptop from Best Buy for $40 as part of a promotion. With replacement ink cartridges being upwards of $60 for one or all to purchase, I turned to good ‘ol eBay to see if I could find a great deal on printer ink. And a great deal I did find.

After searching for printer replacement ink for my printer, I came across a “Buy It Now” option from a seller with a high rating and free shipping for 8 replacement cartridges (2 black, 2 yellow, 2 blue, 2 red) for only $13.53. I figured it was a steal, and knowing that the printer cartridges were going to be generic in form but still being promised to fit the style of my printer, I eagerly paid the fees and received my replacement printer ink in about 48 hours.

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Sure, the cartridges are generic, but they are the same style, and all were vacuum-sealed and not leaking when they arrived. As soon as I placed the cartridges in my printer (and they were all full, which was a pleasant surprise) my printer began printing with the same clarity as before, with the same results as the original ink cartridges that came with my printer.

I left positive feedback immediately, and can now enjoy new printer ink (with 4 extra, for when I need them) at a fraction of the retail price in the stores. Don’t be afraid to buy replacement ink from a reputable seller on eBay. Read the item description, make sure the printer ink will fit your printer, and enjoy a great deal on printer ink without sacrificing quality in your printing.


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