Dell Laser Printer 1710N – Product Review

When you think about the fastest printer in the market today, you are thinking about the Dell Laser Printer 1710N. The machine is very great to use when you are required to print volume of documents every day. It is a good compliance to the need of various offices for a printer that can maximize their needs of printing materials. Offices can easily link to the printer in real time without the hassle of getting files transferred from one computer to another.

Speed is the best feature of Dell Laser Printer 1710N; it has the ability to print several documents in a minute. At a rate of 26 pages prints in a standardized letter size paper. Printing legal size will suffer some drawbacks due to the size but altogether the entire process is great and speedy. There is a necessary warm up time to print the first page but if the printer is stand by for several minutes time clocking will be applied.

The printer has a built in paper tray that can handle up to 250 sheets. If you wish to add a drawer to eliminate the hassle of changing and swapping, you may buy a 550 sheet drawer which will give you a total of 800 sheets for fine printing ready anytime. The receiving tray can also accommodate up to 150 sheets per printing.

Dell Laser Printer 1710N has software that automatically detects the right page correspondence through the manual duplexer. This will help to eliminate the problem of getting the right track of the paper when printing double sided paper prints. The machine has also embedded the Dell management system that helps to know the amount of toner present in the machine to help in changing one automatically.

The machine has one of the best resolution present in the market. The resolution is 1200 x 1200 dots per inch allowing clear prints of the paper without the problem of dot stimulation. The 2400 image quality of the print can be adjusted but it will slow down the printing speed.

All kinds of paper can be printed on by Dell Laser Printer 1710N without the hassle of wrong spacing because the machine has a good paper cache that allows envelopes for mailings or cards slots. You can also upgrade the memory card of the printer for far better performance.


As a color inkjet printer, the F340 is fast and user-friendly. This little machine spits out 20 draft-quality document pages per minute in black and white, or 14 pages in color. Best of all, it uses HP-21 black ($15) and HP-22 tricolor ($18) replacement printer cartridges, which are significantly more economical than most other options. (Replacing the ink cartridges for my HP PhotoSmart 7450 totals three times that cost, even with the recycling discount most office supply stores offer.)

Needing an extra printer and scanner, I picked this up at Walmart for less than $80. Grabbing a USB cord in the computer department, I was able to plug the product into my computer and begin using it in minutes. (The printer comes with an installation CD, although users may need to download driver software from the HP website as well.)

Of course, serious computer users will likely need a larger, higher-quality printer for photos, publications, and other higher-end projects. The F340 produces 1,200 dpi in black and white, or 4,800 x 1,200 dpi in color. If higher standards are required, a more advanced printer may be needed. Even so, this little box provides excellent backup.

The printer accepts copy paper, photo paper, labels, transparencies, iron-on media, and more in a variety of margins and trim sizes. The manufacturer claims the F340 can reliably produce 1,000 pages per month.

The flatbed scanner/copier (with 32 MB memory) produces adequate images for basic uses. Again, photography and publication purposes will not find these sufficient.

Incidentally, the technical services information in the box is worth keeping. If installation or software issues arise, the HP technical staff can be informative and helpful by phone. Amazingly, the wait time was a matter of minutes, unlike the hours-long delays of most hardware tech staffs or the estimated call-backs of the TV cable companies.

The HP phone support team patiently and politely walked me through troubleshooting when my computer stopped recognizing this printer unit, after I unplugged my laptop for a business trip. (When I returned, I found I had to uninstall and reinstall the HP340.) It’s a small hassle, but the steps are fairly simple to retrace.

Overall, the HP Deskjet F340 seems to be $80 well spent. For the price of a family night at the movies with popcorn and junior mints, we can print for months!