Blog Dell 5330dn Laser Printer: An Innovative Product for Your Printing Needs

    Dell 5330dn Laser Printer: An Innovative Product for Your Printing Needs

    Are you considering a printer? Do you need one that does the job fast and I mean fast? Well the Dell-5330dn Laser Printer is for you.

    From first sight the printer looks like a simple black box, something that just takes up space if anything more. For something that is known for its speed it sure has a deceptive look wouldn’t you say so you’re self?

    The secret in this printer is like of that of a car. You can’t guess what’s hidden under until you take a look.

    Qualities of the printer

    To begin there’s a 48page per minute engine which is able to produce pages of perfection of both graphics and text at a fast rate. It comes with factory built duplexer which is mainly used for double sided printing. There is an optional feature available that can be received on request which is of a WiFi adaptor.

    It is supported by all major operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. For management people, they would like to know that it also comes with a web-based interface over LAN and even SNMP.

    When in standby mode the printer is as silent as mice. It takes the printer around a minute to warm up, although once working the first page out of any document will appear in just a few seconds of pressing print. The Maximum resolution of the printer is 600dpi, which is far more than adequate for all business work, with enhancement technology also built in to improve the text appearance and quality.


    It contains a drawer that can hold up to 500 sheets, a multi-purpose feeder that can hold 100 sheets mainly for envelopes and other unusual materials that aren’t printed on a daily basis. Its prepared for all occasions. The printer also comes with two extra drawers also holding around 500 sheets of papers. This can be added underneath on a basis of choice. It also comes with a high capacity feeder that can raise the capacity to almost 3,100 sheets. This also is optional

    In Conclusion

    From other reviews and past experience this is one of the best laser printers that are available on the Market. It wouldn’t be cost effective to be used in a home environment but would be ideal for a business work place. So if you’re reconsidering purchasing a new printer for the office, this is your best choice yet.

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