Conntect Laptops Wirelessly to Printer

With the onset of bluetooth technology, it has quickly become easier than ever before to connect multiple hardware components without the aid of wires and cables. Among the list of devices capable of receiver and responding to bluetooth are printers. Wireless printers receive the bluetooth signal from the wireless computer or laptop with orders to print a document. With this kind of technology, it is possible to have multiple computers print to a singer printer without the messy bundles of wires running over the ceiling or along the walls.

Purchase a bluetooth enabled printer from an electronics or computer store. It will state it can be used without wires and have a bluetooth logo directly on the box (this logo is essentially just a squared off “B”). After you remove the contents from the box, insert the printer’s driver installation disk into the first laptop. In a moment the computer will launch the installation wizard. Accept the license agreement (you will not be allowed to install the driver if you don’t) and follow the prompts given by the wizard. Once you click “Install” the actual installation of the driver will begin.

Power on the printer, then make sure the bluetooth of the laptop is powered “on” (if there is a specific power button or activation required in the computer). If this is necessary it can typically be found in the “Control Panel” (access the control panel by selecting “Start” on the computer’s desktop, followed by “Control Panel”). Once the bluetooth is powered on you will be shown all of the available devices which can connect through the bluetooth. Select the printer by clicking “OK.” From here you will be shown the printer port ID. Click “Finish” and the printer setup will be complete.

Return to the “Control Panel” and select “Printer.” From here you will be shown a list of printers the computer has, or has had access to. Select the wireless printer from the list and click “Apply.” This will complete the wireless printer setup. With every additional laptop you want to use with the printer, you will need to repeat these steps. Starting with the installation of the printer’s drivers, followed by connecting the device via the bluetooth technology, and finally select the printer from the “Control Panel” and make it the laptop’s default printer. Once this has been done all of the computers will be able to use the printer.