Choosing a Good Printer for Your Home Office

There are so many printers on the market these days that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choice and to work out exactly which one of these is the best choice for your home office needs.

Firstly you want to consider whether an inkjet printer or laser jet printer is the way to go. Both have their advantages so it probably boils down to what you need the printer for. If you’re just printing black and white and rarely need color printing done, you may be best to go with a laser printer.

You usually get a lot more use from a laser printer cartridge per page printed than an ink jet printer cartridge, which seem to need replacing at a higher frequency than the laser cartridges. So though you can get an ink jet printer cheaper, the cost of replacing ink cartridges can be expensive over time.

If you need a printer for color graphics or images, an ink jet printer usually gives high quality graphics and images. So if you need these done for your business, an ink jet printer may be more suitable for you. One important consideration to take into account is that the color cartridges on ink jets can be quite expensive.

If you don’t use color printing very often, the cartridges can dry out so you have to replace them whenever you do decide to start printing in color. This has happened to me numerous times so if you are going to buy a color printer make sure you get the use out of those color cartridges before they dry up.

Another consideration is whether to buy a printer that does more than just the one function. There are many all in one printers that provide you with scanning, copying, and faxing functions in addition to printing. So if you have a small office these printer scanner copier fax machines can save you a lot of desk space by combining all functions into the one machine.

So before buying your home office printer go to one of the electronic stores and check out what they have available. Explain to the store person your printing needs and ask them for some suggestions, taking into account what has been written here about the cost of replacing cartridges and the printing quality for text vs images and graphics

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