Canon Pixma MP560 Printer Review

In today’s busy, fast paced world you need a reliable, effective and economical printer. Costs of Inkjet cartridges, maintenance costs and compatibility problems cause so many problems for consumers and business owners alike, that it’s important to research printers before you buy. Today, I’m reviewing the Canon Pixma MP560.

First, let’s start with the multiple features that this budget printer offers. The Canon Pixma looks great, it’s stylish and it blends nicely in any home due to it’s generic styling. The Canon Pixma offers an auto page feeder, document feeder and a 2 inch display, equipped with your common LCD brightness and readability. The Canon Pixma is off to a great start for a budget printer.

Printing quality is decent, but there are many other printers that beat the Canon Pixma MP560 in overall quality and picture. Lexmark, HP and Epson all offer printers around the same price range as the Canon Pixma MP560 that have less features but offer better picture and quality. This is where your judgement comes in. If you run a business, print in black and white and don’t need the most vibrant, absolutely stunning picture quality you may find the advanced features of this model a nice trade off for the quality. If you’re a photography enthusiast or using this printer for images, you may want to go with Lexmark or Epson.

In terms of the greatest perk that this budget multi-function printer offers, it’s undoubtedly the heads up dislay. The Canon MP560 control panel is light, covert and out of the way when you don’t need it but flips up when you do. This control panel is extremely intuitive, use friendly and the learning curve is near non-existent. Functions such as control over the number of copies you print can be found here. Color options, start stop functions, the Canon Easy scroll control, application switching and more are all nestled in this nice compact LCD Display.

If that wasn’t enough, the Canon MP560 also hold a small door undearneath the flip top display with ports are all of your mobile digital audio storage devices, like SD cards and the like. Canon did a great job of making this printer quite unassuming yet incredibly functional.

Overall, the Canon MP560 is a nice budget printer. The quality isn’t always there but the features and the controls sure are which makes this Canon truly unique in the world of printers around the same price range. If accessibility and function is important you to, the Canon MP560 has you covered.