Canon PIXMA MP190 Photo All-In-One Printer Review

I bought the Canon PIXMA MP190 Photo all-in-one printer at my local Wal-Mart store since my old printer did not have the scanner and copier I so desperately needed. Wal-Mart did not have a good selection of printers; I was limited to choose from four different all-in-one printers. Just when I was about to leave empty handed, I saw the Canon PIXMA MP 190 Photo All-In-One Printer. It did not have a price on it, but I knew Canon have reasonable prices on most of all their products.

I read the details on the box and the fact it included both black and color ink cartridges, a USB cable and photo print software really appealed to me and had me sold even though I still did not know the price. When I took it to the register and saw that it was priced at only $40.00, I was stunned and almost suspicious.

As soon as I got home I unpacked my new Canon PIXMA MP 190 all-in-one printer and discovered the directions were very easy to understand. It was one sheet of paper in big print in English and Spanish illustrating each step. I easily could have hooked up everything without the instructions because there are very few things you have to put in place.

The installation CD pretty much works itself once you put it in the computer. The Photo Shop CD is an excellent addition to the PIXMA 190, I have not had enough free time to fully take advantage of the software, but I have been able to use it fix up a few old photos. I was very impress of how it repairs damaged photos and how you can edit pictures.

I just love the scanner on my printer, because this have been the first scanner I have ever own or used that I was able to work. Either the printers would never scan or if I could get it to scan, I could not find the document I scanned on the computer or could not read it because of such poor quality. However, the PIXMA MP190 has excellent scan quality and as soon as you hit the scan button, a box will appear on the computer with icons to scan choices. If you want to scan to your email, all you have to do is click the envelope, if you want to scan to pictures, click the picture frame.

The printer works well, but I think the spacing between the paper holder and printer is too wide which causes the paper to constantly move out of place or jam the printer. The solution I came up with is just to make sure it is always a large stack of paper in the printer. The overall print quality is good, especially on photo paper. The copier works great and easy to use no matter what copy option you chose.

The only down side to the Canon PIXMA MP 190 is even though it states on the box and on the MP190 software you can just use the black ink, well when I ran out of color ink, I selected the “black ink only” option and it did not work. I kept getting an error message saying I have not installed the ink cartridge. I tried everything to print with just black ink with no success. So I had to go purchase color ink even though I had a full black ink cartridge just to print a document only using black ink. I am not sure if it is just a flaw with my printer, but if you run out of color ink, just note you may not be able to use the black ink cartridge without it. The ink for the Canon PIXMA MP 190 is actually one the cheapest ink cartridges I have seen for an all-in-printer, the Canon black 30 is $19.00 and the Canon colored 31 is $21.72 at Wal-Mart.

On the Canon website there are 78 reviews on the Canon PIXMA MP190 with a 4.4 rating out 5. I think that is a pretty good rating for an all-in-one for the price of $40.00. I love it and recommend it everyone, especially those on a budget.