Canon Pixma IP100: New Printer Series from Canon

The Canon Pixma iP100 is a portable photo printer, it has a very thin and stylish form factor, which lead us to consider that it was a compact photo printer. The silver exteriors with smooth edges really add to the printer’s sleek look. The main reason this printer is a portable printer is not that it has a carry handle, but the Canon has also provided an attachable battery pack. The size has been intelligently designed to accommodate for travel purposed and the addition of a battery pack makes a huge difference in portability.

There is a magnetic clip mechanism used to open the lid of this printer, and once you open the rear lid, the small front tray also opens. This front tray is not too long and will not really hold paper, but being a portable printer, this can be overlooked. Paper is loaded from the rear tray and this can be extended to keep the paper in place.

The Pixma iP100 also has a two-button design, similar to all the other Canon photo printers I tested, and they perform the tasks of powering on/off and clearing paper jams. These buttons have small LED indicators next to them; this helps some what if you need to print in the dark, but complete back lit buttons would have been even better. There is a small clip near the base, here you can switch between envelope and normal paper. Unless this clip has been set in the right place, your print will not start and you will be greeted with an error.

The print quality of this Pixma iP100 was really good; similar to that of the iX5000 in some cases, but overall, managed to outperform it. The iP100 was also similar to the other Canon products in that it produced an overall warm color in the images, though not as much as the other Canon photo printers. The first image showed detail in some parts and was able to reproduce shades of blue very well, though the darker shades of black towards the end in the gray scale tests were merged. The second image revealed this printer missing out on a few dark shadows and did not blend a part of the photo correctly. The last test image did not show any major differences between the iP100 and the iX5000, but the purple pebbles were more differentiated and look much better in the case of the iP100.

The printer is priced at $380, and I do feel this is a bit on the high side. But if you really need something portable, especially with the addition of a battery pack, this does make for a sensible buy, but it will not give you the best prints.