Canon IC-MF6530/6550/6560/6580

Canon IC-MF6530/6550/6560/6580 is digital black & white machine. 
Speed: 23 Copies per minute,
Duplex: Built in
MF6550 and MF 6560 equipped with fax while MF 6580 is equipped with fax and network card.
This is a mono-component machines with no developer setup. Drum unit is customer replaceable and have no service procedures necessary. This series of machines has no PM schedule and no stated yields for anything except the drum and cartridge. 
How to enter the Service Mode:
Press “additional function” key, “2” key, “8” key, “additional function” key in that order.
Trouble Codes:
Trouble Codes from E 000-xxxx to E 003-xxxx are related to fuser errors. There is no procedure to reset fuser errors. Apparently replacing the fuser is the only repair. However, Service mode softswitch 01 bit 3 (00100000) may be a reset procedure. Thisy may not be necessary.
E100-0000: Laser problem, Laser unit or Laser BD board
 E805-0000 Fan or DC controller
E808-0000 Fuser film, fuser drive motor, power supply board or DC controller.
User Modes:
 Press Additional Function Key. Use left/right arrow to select item. Press OK key to enable function, clean item, etc. Press left/ right arrow keys to select particular function, change item, etc.
In this mode you can find following settings:
Common Settings:
Toner save mode on/off. Printer density, auto cassete select, regular paper types, Sleep mode energy level, ADF dirty warning on or off etc
Copy setting:
Image priority on/off. Collate off/on, Duplex off/on, Frame erase on or off. Standard settings (text, photo, auto collate etc), Sharpness, Paper size etc
Clean transfer roller clean fuser, clean document feeder, different modes of fuser operation for different paper situations etc. 
System Setting:
 Device information, network setting, communications, remote UI on/off, USB device use etc.