Canon Error 5200

Canon printers are one of my favorite print devices. I have been using them in my office since a long time and they work great for me. Before a couple of month I purchased Canon PIXMA IP2770 to print photos (By the way, I have a 12MP Canon ELPH 310 HS camera). It worked according to my expectations and I was quite satisfied with it while it suddenly started to show “Error 5200”. I restarted the printer and it gone but came again while sending a new print job. After consulting a canon technician and searching a lot of websites I understood that the 5200 error is the print head exceeds temperature error condition. It means that one or more ink cartridges gone empty and printing was continued resulting in printhead burning. Luckily a lot of canon ink cartridges come with new printhead so it should not be a big problem. Unplug both cartridges and replace them with a new one. Hope it will fix the problem.