Blog Brother HL-3070cw Color LED Printer Review

    Brother HL-3070cw Color LED Printer Review

    The Brother HL-3070cw Color LED Printer is an affordable color printer for small offices; the price range begins at 350 dollars. One of its most advanced features is the wireless connection. The Brother HL-3070cw printer has a lot of advantages, including the Wi-Fi feature, but it lets itself down when it comes to printing quality and speed.

    Brother HL-3070cw has a Wi-Fi connectivity and this feature is certainly not very spread between other laser and LED printers, so wireless gives the Brother printer an advantage. However, setting up the Wi-Fi connection requires a lot of agitating steps which can be annoying and not very user friendly, especially for beginners.

    When it comes to printing, Brother HL-3070cw is quite a disappointment at this case. It is slow and clunky, averaging 8.8 ppm (pages per minute) when printing plain text, 3.5 ppm color printing and 1.8 ppm when printing photos on a special photo paper. Talking about the print quality, it was like common laser printer quality: crisp and involved grainy effect. Colored images looked a bit pale and definitely not the best quality you can find out there.

    Overall Brother HL-3070cw’s features are elementary (you can expect it at that price range). It has got 250 sheet input without the possibility to upgrade for larger inputs. Thicker media needs to be fed manually into its manual-feed slot and this can be irritating. The Brother HL-3070cw has got a control panel with small LCD control screen which is surprisingly bad and hard to read. Navigation buttons are also confusing which uncommon layout which differs from other similar products.

    While Brother HL-3070cw sells at a low price, its toner cartridges are not so cheap. The printer is sold with average 1000-page toners for each color including separate drums for different colors. When you run out of ink, you will need to spend at least 75 dollars for a new cartridge which will last you for 2200 prints (3.4 cents per page). Color cartridges are 70 dollars each and last for 1400 pages which is 5 cents per page.

    All in all, keep in mind that the Brother HL-3070cw has a low price which reflects its functionality and features. But if you need a basic printer for text documents with mid-quality, you can go for Brother HL-3070cw.

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