Bring Your Empty Printer Ink Cartridges to Newton Bateman School

When your printers run out of ink, do not throw away your empty cartridges. My friend’s daughter attends Newton Bateman Elementary School, located at 4220 North Richmond Street in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood, and she asked that we drop off our empty printer ink cartridges at the school because they can be recycled. For every empty ink cartridge that you brink in, and that can be recycled, the school gets a certain amount of money that goes toward raising funds different school programs and activities.

In addition to helping Newton Bateman raise funds, you can also rest assured that your empty ink cartridges are being properly and safely disposed of. If you would like to drop off your cartridges, bring them to Newton Bateman and drop them in one of the designated collection bins that are located by the school’s main entrance door or the bin located near the teacher’s lounge. For more information on the ink cartridge drop off program, call Bateman Elementary School at 773-534-5055.

Source: Newton Bateman Elementary School