Best Photo Printers for Home Use

Photo printers are useful for families who take many digital photos throughout the year. Families with children have many milestone events to take photos for such as birthdays, sporting and school events, new births, reunions and many others. Some families may find it more affordable to print their own photos instead of taking their photos to be developed elsewhere. Also with photo printers, it makes it easier to print photos right at home, instead of having to travel to get the photos that they want.

The first best photo printer is the Epson PictureMate Charm PM 255. It is one of the best reviewed printers chosen by consumers according to consumer It has great photo quality and a fast speed for printing pictures. Those who have reviewed this product have estimated that users can print photos for as low as a quarter for each one. Some of the available editing tools on the printer include cropping and adjusting brightness of a photo. The printer is also very light-weight to carry, weighing only five pounds. Its LCD display is also very small. Once printed, the photos are also smudge-free and water-proof. The Epson is also user-friendly and is not difficult to learn. The printer can be purchased at an estimated $150 at

For households on a limited budget, they can purchase the Canon Selphy CP780 for under $100. It is another photo printer that has been chosen by Consumer While it is a low cost to purchase initially, some of the extra costs may involve spending more on paper and ink though. One great plus about the Canon is its lightweight as well. This photo printer is lighter than the Epson, weighing only just two pounds. Households who like to travel, can choose to purchase the optional battery, and can print photos on the go without having to worry about searching for an electrical outlet. Its LCD screen is 3 inches tall, making it easier to view. Photos printed from the Canon photo printed have just as great quality as those that would be printed from a photo printing lab.

A photo printer with lots of extra accessories and is easy to use is the HP Photosmart A826 Home Photo Center Thermal Inkjet Printer. It has a large LCD screen for easy viewing and the screen also acts as photo frame as well. The large screen enables you to closely see what a photo looks like before printing. It can print 5×7 photos, a touch screen, and includes over 200 different borders, special effects and graphics in which you can include to have around your photo. The printer also offers the ability to include captions with the photos too. Its price is estimated at about around $200.

With families who are highly involved in taking photos throughout their lives, a photo printer is an extremely important piece of technology to have in the home. It can help save on the cost of printing photos, choose only the photos you would like printed and even help you create some special effects with graphics and backgrounds. Most photo printers can be purchased for under $200, which isn’t too expensive -and is also cost effective once you estimate the price of printing each photo at another photo developing kiosk.