Best Photo Only Printers that Lay Down the Ink

The best photo only printers on the market in 2010 come from a long history of printing. The photo quality obtainable today for the average consumer is quite remarkable, as most newer models offers faster printing speeds, very high resolution, relatively low ink cost and features such as removable media capabilities, digital picture frame add-on, and large internal memory.

Epson Picturemate Show

This printer really brings out the nerd in me. Priced at $298.99, this Epson Picuremate can be purchased at CDW. Features include a built in dvd/cd, huge LCD preview screen, 270 Mb of internal memory, and adaptable to Bluetooth technology, this printer has it all. The screen is like a photo picture frame built into the unit. The manufacture claims the photos can last up to 200 years if stored in the dark and 96 years when stored behind glass. This speedy and high quality little machine is definitely an impressive photo only printer.

HP Photosmart Pro B8850

Instead of going to your local Office Depot or Office Max to get your large photos and posters printed you can buy this HP Photosmart. This is definitely one of the best photo only printers on the market. With 13×19 inch photo capability and eight individual cartridges it is designed for serious photographer that wants portrait quality pictures and idea for artist and poster makers. Even though it costs $479, at, it is a bargain considering its output speed and quality. HP list the cartridges for $38.99 each. If you are looking for a network or wireless printer then look elsewhere. As I saw this printer operate I was reminded of the older, multi-cartridge HPs and how high tech they seemed at the time and costing over $1000.

Sony Picture Station DPP-FP70

The best portable photo only printer has to be the Sony Picture Station. It is an amazing thing to see a high quality photo emerge from this printer. Using Dye-sublimation instead of inkjet technology this gem produces a fine result. It features a large 2.5 inch LCD screen and some manual control over the way the photo prints. It also has carrying handles so you can take it with you. The Sony Picture Station can be purchased at for a cost of $229.00.

There are a lot of other printers that could also be considered the best photo only printer and many of them may be based on the same printing engines as the ones just reviewed. It appears photo printing technology has finally caught up with the artist.