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Avoid Ribbon Waste for ID Card Printers

What is ribbon waste?


Ribbon waste refers to the process by which a ribbon uses less than its full number of panels in the printing process. When a ribbon is chosen and all the panels aren’t used to print the ID card, both time and money are wasted.

Various types of multi-paneled ribbons exist for ID card printing, and choosing the correct ribbon can minimize or eliminate ribbon waste completely.

How do you avoid ribbon waste?


Ribbon waste can be avoided very simply: by choosing the correct ribbon for your printing needs. Too many people simply buy a ribbon for their printer without considering the amount of ribbon waste that will be produced.

How do you choose the right ribbon for your printer and avoid ribbon waste?


There are numerous types of ribbons, and some may fit your printing specifications, while others may not. You should do a bit of research on your printer or look at the ribbon that came with your printer.

Remember that ID cards may take several types of printing-you need to identify the type of printing you need, and then get the corresponding ribbon. This eliminates the guess work and allows you to pick the correct ribbon without worrying about the amount of ribbon waste it will waste.

Why is eliminating ribbon waste important?


Eliminating ribbon waste is important because it saves you time and money. If you are constantly using a ribbon that produces waste, you are costing yourself double what you need to. In the long run, lack and presence of ribbon waste can make a difference to your budget.

You spend time picking out the right ribbon, and avoiding a ribbon that causes waste allows you to be efficient and effective in the production process.

What is an instance that might involve ribbon waste?

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A good example would be if you’re using a YMCKO ribbon to print a double-sided card with full color front and using a set of YMC panels without printing them. The ribbon then uses the K panel to print on the back.

The quality of the card turns out great, but a set of YMC panels is wasted for each printed card. You would be better off using a more appropriate ribbon that uses every panel to print the same card without the same waste problem, like a YMCKOK ribbon.