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    Angry Birds is brain candy

    The angry bird phenomenon effects people of all ages. The goal of the game is to launch birds using a variety of sling shots into structures to knock them down. This simplistic game with easy clear cut goals is attractive to many people.

    Kids especially seem to go crazy for these Angry Birds! The Birds are a full blown phenomenon with kids. There are lunch boxes, blankets, sheets, pillows, clothing and other apparel. It is just one of those things that has really taken hold in pop culture!

    Both adults and children can be seen playing the Angry Birds. It is an easy game that is entertaining and passes the time. It would seem that kids jumped on the band wagon after young adults were already on it.
    The brand is simply booming and although the trend has quieted some there are still millions of devotees to the Angry Birds. It is a pop culture phenomenon and like any other pop culture phenomenon there is simply no rhyme or real reason that makes it popular.

    It is hard to say what really drives the success of the Angry Birds. It is likely that their simplicity is what attracts people in droves to the brand. Their bright colors may play a role in why people are attracted to them or at least why kids seem to be so head over heels over them.

    Most parents do not object to Angry Birds because there is no real violence, no foul language and no real threat to anyone’s well being by playing the game. It is a form of good clean fun for anyone that plays it.

    A lot of people can not understand the pull of the game because there is no violence or real life type of tie to the game other than it is just fun. Most people that do not understand the draw have not really given themselves the opportunity to get hooked.

    Angry Birds is like the PacMan of the 2000’s! It does not have any real meaning, it does not make sense to those that don’t play it but to those that do it seems the most natural thing in the world to be doing.

    Maybe Angry Birds just showed up at the right time. Maybe kids and adults were tired of playing the heavy commitment time management type games like SIMS life and they just needed brain candy? Angry Birds is brain candy!

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