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All in One Printers for Everyone?

So you are thinking about a new printer, but you need more than just a printer. The options are endless; there are many varieties to choose from. An all-in-one (AIO) is a popular and wise choice for a small business and for home use. These types of printers will do everything you want in one compact, sleek and are priced nicely.

So the way of the fax is not so technologically popular, you don’t need to order a fax. There are AIO’s out there that do everything else, and do not fax. So you are not buying something you do not need or want. One area that you should definitely consider is whether you want an inkjet or laser type printer. This will vary according your preferences. Unless you are going to use the printer to print labels, an inkjet will work just fine. I’ve read in many tech articles that if you are going to print pictures and not printing professionaly and not using photo paper, that an inkjet is actually recommended and will perform better than a laser jet.

Another area of major concern is to get an AIO that is network ready. You may be a super small office and not care about networking or not. But the cost difference is insignificant. It is always better to purchase the best you can get for what you can afford. In all actuality the best technology out there right now is wireless. Purchasing any printer, especially and AIO that is wireless ready will make your office run smoother. No more cables and connections to hookup to your laptop, desktop, camera, etc.

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The last area is regarding your camera. AIO’s, and most printers now, come with a variety of slots that will allow you to plug in your memory cards and download and print your pictures directly. This technology is going to the wayside to wireless. The newer cameras are becoming more and more wireless for downloading and printing pictures. This is not only for pictures, but downloading files and printing from a flash drive.

Price and manufacturer are a consideration. Check web sites such as for reviews on types of printers. The price is not everything. I recently purchased a AIO from a major computer/hardware manufacturer that was supposed to be wireless for my laptop, also purchased form the same major computer hardware manufacturer. It was wireless, but only for PDA’s. Be careful of what the reps tell you on the phone. Go to the website and read, read, read. Make sure you are getting what you think you are. On this occasion the price was right, but I got what I paid for.