All in One Multifunction Printer Tips

All in one multifunction printer have become very popular nowadays. It handles the issue of taking up all the office space with all sort of machines. In fact its combination of all regular office needs in one device. Multifunction printer can be offered in diverse functionalities and features depend on demands.Before invention of all in one multifunction printer, it was vital to have all of different functionality devices separately and was such a mess to configure and place them. But now you just sit and by pushing the button, do all send and receive documents process like a piece of cake.With all these advantages, there are some drawbacks. If you want to buy an All in one device, remembering following point may help you.
AIO for home users usually is not networked and connected with USB or parallel.
If you’re planning to use it as a photocopier, it’s going to cost you considerably more than having copies made at your local print shop. They’re great for convenience when you need a quick copy, but you wouldn’t want to do any kind of volume on them.
Another thing to consider is the quality of the various components. For example, the scanner may not be as high resolution as some stand-alone models. If you’re planning to scan old photographs or negatives and want the highest possible resolution, you probably won’t get quite as good a result from a multifunction printer/scanner as you would from a dedicated scanner. The quality of the image depends on DPI or dots per inch. The standard (600×600) will suffice for printing but is unsuitable as regards quality of photo. Scanner resolutions must be noticed, as these are usually low in multifunction models. There is a wide gap as regards quality between interpolated and optimal resolution.
The same goes for the printing capabilities. You can get standalone printers that will print at higher resolutions or on larger paper than most multifunction units.
The final thing to consider is that if your printer breaks down it will affect your fax, scanner and copier too. This may cause problems if your office needs these machines to do business. Also, by using your printer for multiple functions you will go through a lot of ink cartridges and toner. The cost of using these forms of ink is much higher for making copies than using a regular copy machine.
Having separate units means you would only be without one of them if you ever need repairs done. If your needs are relatively basic, however, a multifunction is a great choice. You can get all the same functions as having 3 or 4 separate machines, for less money and in a lot less space.