All About Printer Cartridges

In 1984, inkjet printers made their way around the world, along with their corresponding printer ink cartridges. With them, printing documents and changing ink have become much more reliable, convenient and cleaner than former ways of changing ink ribbons or inserting toner cartridges.

Before the year 1984, ink delivery systems weren’t very dependable systems. Inkjet systems ended up replacing the former dot matrix method, which relied on changing ink ribbons. Before long, the printer industry started to think up new ways to deliver ink, such as the drop-on-demand method. A couple of companies worked as the overall driving forces behind producing this new inkjet technology, and by 1990, their methods were accepted by the world. Today, it is the number one choice to print, and it is capable to print either just black and white documents or colored graphics and photographs, as well.

Due to the sudden development in printer ink cartridges, the printing quality is only of the best and printing can be done on various types and sizes of fabric, film and paper. These printers can also be used anywhere, whether at home, at school, or at work and is used by millions all over the world.

Every printer uses a particular printer ink cartridge, one for the color black and one with color. Every cartridge comes with its own identification number and model number stating which printer can use it. While individual printer manufacturers recommend to use their own personal printer ink cartridge brand, there is also the possibility to use cartridge refills, which you can refill yourself or to use re-manufactured cartridges or other compatible cartridges in the market.

Re-manufactured cartridges are original printer ink cartridges that have been separated and put together with new parts and ink, as needed. These have been looked at thoroughly and tested before being put in the market for re-sale, of course. The cartridge workmanship on re-manufactured cartridges are normally guaranteed to be free of defects during the cartridge’s lifetime, which is generally just as long as that of the original. Re-manufactured cartridges are safe for use on all printers without affecting the printer’s warranty. Plus, they are much cheaper than original cartridges.

Compatible cartridges are another kind of cartridge that has come a long way in recent years. These cartridges are built exactly as original manufactured cartridges, but are cheaper than the original. They are also guaranteed to be free from defects during its entire lifetime.

Due to their ability to create top-quality printed material at a cheap cost and a fast rate, inkjet printers that make use of printer ink cartridges have a very bright future ahead of them. Make sure that you always buy printer ink cartridges fro reputable dealers, though, to ensure the best quality ever.