A Solution for a Wireless Printer That Just Quit Working

Have you just updated a router or put security on your system and suddenly your printer isn’t working? Run the trouble shooter for the wireless printer and if it comes back with something like “you can’t connect to your network,” then it’s an easy fix.

Wireless printers are set up differently. You’ll likely notice that when you don’t have your internet on, the printer doesn’t work. If you’ve just added a password to your internet connection or changed something having to do with your wireless connection, then you need to give the printer this information.

Here’s how you do that. Go to the actual printer and press the “tools” button, which is the little tool to the right of the “OK” button. Click through by using the right arrow key to the right of the “OK” button until you see the “Setup Wizard.” Click the “OK” button on the printer and scroll until you see the SSID connection that is set up on your computer. It should give you the name of your wireless connection. Click “OK” again and it will likely ask you for your password. Enter your password on the dialpad. Keep in mind that there are capital letters, small case letters and then numbers on the dial pad. Once you finish entering the password, click “OK” again and the printer will now be online.