A Must Read Guide to Buying a New Printer

Are you in the market for a printer? If you are then you must read this article because it will be your ticket to buying a new printer! Well, nowadays there are tons of websites and stores to buy printers from. Although, I have found the cheapest prices at websites such as In fact, they even had a brand new and simple HP printer for just around $30! The prices are unbelievable. Who knew that technology could be so cost friendly? The latest technologies for printing devices include…

~ WiFi printers- devices that can print things from your wireless device such as a mobile phone. Say you have a wireless laptop downstairs and you want to print a document, but your printer does not have WiFi capabilities and is located all the way in your bedroom. This is where the WiFi printers come to the rescue. You can now still have the printer in your bedroom, if you like, but now you can print straight from your wireless devices that can include a notebook, cell phone, and even your PDAs. This will cut you the hassle of having to come all the way upstairs and connect your laptop to your printer. With WiFi technology, you can connect your printer to your wireless devices anywhere you get WiFi. However, one downside will be the fact that you will have to buy a wireless router that will run you anywhere from $25 and up.

~All in one printers- these printers are capable to print, scan, copy, and some of these devices can even fax! Having the capability to fax directly from your printer is remarkable because you can put your old “prehistoric” fax machine away and truly have it all in one! Having an all in one printer will primarily bring two benefits. One is that you will have easy access to a printer, scanner, and a copier all within one easy to use device. You now won’t have to worry about owning multiple machines. Another benefit includes the fact that you will save a lot of space since you now have three or more machines in one piece of equipment. That also means less owner’s manuals to store around your home, and easy maintenance for you as the owner when it comes to cleaning and changing ink cartridges .

~The good old basic printer- these basic printers are used for all of your normal and standard printing needs. Still, you do have some choices, there are inkjet and laser printers. The main differences between these two printers is the printing quality. With inkjet printers, the printer seems to be placing drops of ink to print which results in lower picture resolution compared with laser printers (a bad thing).Though, with the laser printers, they perform better and have a higher picture resolution,which indeed is a good thing.

When you are out and about looking for the perfect printer that matches your needs, be sure not to forget to check the printers’ ink prices as they tend to vary a lot. A good printer may have black ink that costs less than $17 and color ink that may cost less than $27! In some cases it may make sense to buy an expensive printer because the ink for that specific printer is cheaper; and that will save you a lot in the long run. Have you found out which kind of printer you need to buy?