Blog 3D Printers, Why You Might Not Want to Buy One Just Yet

    3D Printers, Why You Might Not Want to Buy One Just Yet

    If you have been thinking about getting a 3D printer, your not alone, Many Americans are seriously considering buying a 3D printer in order to print whatever we need. 3D Printers are the latest in home technology, and the prices for them are dropping to very affordable rates, But there are still problems you need to think about before buying one of these and taking it home.

    The first thing you have to consider is the software it takes to run a 3D printer. Most programs are complicated and take technical knowledge and even some 3d modeling knowhow in order to get to work properly. This can be a very frustrating task for someone who is not very good at computers.

    Another reason not to get a printer is because a scanner is not included. This means you wont be able to make replacement parts for anything you want unless someone else in the world has already made a digital program for the part and is willing to give up that digital blueprint for free in order for you to download the file and print the part.

    Yet another problem is the programs to create the 3D models that will be used to make the plastic items. Sure there are some free versions on the market right now, but those versions do not allow you to save in great detail, meaning you will have to start all over again, or make simple non detailed items with your 3D printer. Of course you can keep downloading the same files every time you want to use them, but that is a hassle.

    Most mechanical 3D printers require you to put together the machine, which is comes as a bunch of parts. If you are not mechanically inclined, or you absolutely hate putting together puzzles of boxed furniture, this is not an option for you, meaning you may have to spend several hundreds more just to get a working model shipped to your door.

    The price is continuing to drop on 3D printers. If trends keep in the same direction great quality printers may be obtained for half of the price that they are being offered for now.

    There has been a lot of hype about 3D printers in the news lately, From 3D printed guns, to 3d printed cars, but you have to remember, these things are still only made of plastics, and plastics cannot replace metals for anything involving high heat, or repetitive motion.

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