Blog 3D Printers Join the Fashion Industry

    3D Printers Join the Fashion Industry

    New York Fashion Week changed this year with the addition of 3D printed clothing, and it is not the only place being affected by 3D printers in the industry. NY1 reports that designers showed off their creations made with the new technology while fashionistas discussed the ability to customize the apparel.

    3D printers are changing more than one industry, and fashion is not being left behind. The accessories and clothes seen on the runways in New York are just a sample of the possibilities the technology presents to designers. The ability to instantly customize any outfit by changing a few settings on a 3D printer is bound to give consumers more options than they can imagine in fashion.

    Unfortunately, 3D printers are currently limited by the materials that can be used in them, and nylon seems to be the most common type of fabric seen in 3D clothing. However, creative designs have also appeared from plastics, and show designers are revolutionizing this common material by coming up with intriguing creations.

    As 3D printing advances, designers are noticing an improvement in materials and an expansion in the possible use of the machines. They are thinking beyond the typical clothes, shoes or handbags and believe that these printers can one day be used to build entire wardrobes for people. If you can imagine being able to turn on a 3D printer at home to download the latest looks from New York Fashion Week to add to your closet, then you are starting to see some of the potential with this technology.

    One of the most attractive features of 3D printing is the ability to change things to suit your needs and tastes. If you hate the color of a necklace on the runway, then one day you may be able to choose from an assortment of colors before printing off your own version. Another benefit to the technology is the ability to make outfits fit your specific shape while customizing length, width or other features to achieve perfection.

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