Blog 3D Printer: What Can You Really Print with It?

    3D Printer: What Can You Really Print with It?

    The answer is what ever you want! If you are smart enough to design to printing procedures. Otherwise, here is a list of the 10 most incredible things you can do with a printer.

    A pizza with Foodini
    Imagine you are an astronaut in a mission at the International Space Station and need fast (and cheap, even in the ISS, you are a tax-payer) delivery of food. Well, printing the pizza would be the best option and it was designed in 2013 by the entrepreneur Anjan Contractor, mechanical engineer. In his video, he shows how you can print your pizza with the part of cheese and protein. And even is you are not working for the NASA, you will be able soon to buy it for around $1000.

    A guitar with 3D Cubify
    You are tired of playing Air-Guitar, or like Justin Bieber, you want to train breaking your guitar with minimum expenses? 3D Cubify can help you by building a high quality electric guitar. Note that the price is variable, from $3,000 for low quality guitar up to $10,000 for the best quality and level of details.

    Meat with Modern Meadow
    As a French guy, loving organic meat ‘that can run in the pastries”, I might not like this one but it is interesting. The concept is pretty simple, you take stem cells (from a real cow), develop more cells and put them in a cartridge. Then you can print to rib steak with these cells.

    Makeup with Mink
    Imagine now you are at home, trying to be ready for a party, you have no makeup neither time to buy some. Here again, you can print your own, as it was recently demonstrated by Grace Choi, a highly promising Harvard student. You just need to choose a panel of colors from Internet and then ask you printer to make the product, ready to use. According its creator, Mink should be sold for around $200.

    A gun with Cody Wilson
    If you are living in Texas, you probably have a gun, and if you want more, just print them. A student from Texas just developed a printer that can print a hand gun at 99% (you still need a metallic part, very small but required by the law so metal detectors can notice it). The liberator (it’s the name) can be created in less than 4 hours, according to Wilson.

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