fine art papers

To obtain perfect print quality, selection of “right” media is very important. There is no single suggestion that fulfills all requirements. Paper selection very much depends on the image, the scene, the light in will be viewed in, whether the print is color or black-and-white. It also depends upon printer you are using and having an adequate profile for your paper, ink and printer.

Best way to work with papers is to use a paper recommended by the printer manufacturer. Famous printer manufacturers offer a number of really fine papers. For home and small offices, it will be useful to use two types of papers. A cheap paper to be used for test prints and proof prints. A Semigloss or Luster paper might be good choice for this purpose. For high quality keep some fine art papers that you will use for high quality printing. These papers will cost more and need extra care while printing. Here is a list of papers that have given good results according to our experiments:

  • Matte papersMatte fine art papers

  • Satin/glossy coated rag papers

  • Satin papers with a very soft gloss finish

  • Luster/pearl papers
  • High-gloss papers
  • Specialty papers and canvas