Toshiba Printer Error Messages

If an error occurs while using Toshiba multifunction printers,take an appropriate action with reference to the following. 
402F: Paper size error.
This error means that the printer memory is full. You must call service center to resolve this issue.
4030: No print enabler/invalid.
Check if the print enabler is connected properly and it is inserted securely. Or check if the trial period is expired. 
4031: Hard disk full for printing.
Too many jogs of Private print and Department code print are stored in HDD. Perform the jobs or delete them. 
A221: Print Job Cancel
Someone has cancelled the print job. Try to print it again.
A222: Print job power interruption
 Printing was interrupted by power failure. Check the power source and try to resent the print job.
Above mentioned codes are taken from Toshiba e-studio 3511/4511 user manual but should be valid for other models.

Error E019 on Canon

Printer and photocopiers are designed in two different ways. The first type uses a mechanism that collects waste toner from the drum and sends it back to the developing unit or toner hopper to mix with new toner particles. This mixture is than utilized for further use. Although the ratio of used toner is very low, this method is not recommended for high quality printing. High quality printers and photocopiers apply another system that sends waste toner into a collection box instead of mixing with new toner. Thus only fresh toner is mixed with the developer and higher print quality can be achieved.
What is Error E019?
Error E019 in Canon copiers indicates that waste toner box is full and needs to be cleaned or disposed of. Failure to do so may result in background on printed pages. Canon recommends inspecting waste toner box after certain number of copies has been made (usually, but not necessarily more than 100,000). Be sure to dispose of the waste toner according to the standards imposed by the government concerned. Do not dispose of it into fire to avoid explosion.

Where waste toner case is located?
Location of waste toner case varies in each model. Usually it is located near the developing unit and can be seen easily. While it is difficult to discuss all models here, I’d like to explain Canon IR2200 as an example. You will find a plastic cover on left rear side of this machine. Remove one screw, detach the cover and take out the waste toner box. Dispose of the waste toner collecting inside the waste toner case. Clean both inside and outside of the waste toner case with alcohol. Don’t forget to clean the neck of the box because the waste toner might block the toner sensor path. Now fit the waste toner case back in the machine and mount the waste toner case cover with a screw.
Other Causes of Error E019
A faulty waste toner sensor may be another cause of Error E019. To confirm, restart the machine with no waste toner case inside. If it still displays E019 then most probably the sensor has gone.

Very rarely, a defective DC controller board PCB also result in E019.
How to reset:
After cleaning the waste toner box, turn the machine off then on to reset E019. If this doesn’t work, follow reset procedure described in this post.
Above mentioned description of E019 is valid for a lot of Canon photocopier models including Imagerunner600, IR1018, IR2018, IR2016, IR3300, IR1019, IR1023, IR2230, IR1024, etc.

E000 on Canon IR220-2800-3300

E000 is temperature low indication. It means that the reading of the main thermistor does not reach 30C within 1 second after the main switch is turned on. Or, it does not reach 70C 2 seconds thereafter. Before you start to check the defective parts, make sure that the line power source is stable and meets the machine power ratings. If it sounds good, first thing to check is the fixing film. A thermistor is used to detect the temperature of the fixing film, faulty thermistor sends wrong signal to the control board and may cause E000. Check the interval between pin 1 and between pin 4 of the connector (4-pin) of the thermistor for electrical continuity. If is few ohm, the thermistor has a short circuit. Canon recommends replacing the whole fixing film in this case. Second reason of E000 is open fixing heater circuit. Check continuity between heater terminals, if it is open replace it. Rarely, faulty power supply PCB or the DC controller PCB also result in E000. I never tried to repair a Controller Board but in most cases power supply can be repaired by a professional.

SMB/FTP Scan Errors in Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta and Develop Ineo Multifunction machines can print a transmission report (TX report) to show the document number, start date, destination and transmission result etc. According to the factory settings, the machine is set to automatically print a report after a specific number of jobs (usually 50) have been done. If you are getting a “communication error” message, you can also print transmission report to diagnose the problem. To do this, press [Utility] key, touch [Reports], touch [TX Report]. The transmission report is printed. You can find the result under “Results” column. Any of the following may appear here:
OK: The transmission was completely successful.
INTERR: The transmission was interrupted.
F.MEM: The memory capacity was exceeded.
NG: The transmission failed.
PT.DEL: The transmission to some destinations failed.
F.DATA: The size of the data exceeds the allowable limit.
IMG NG: The transmission resolution was incorrect so the transmission was ended.
Error Codes: When an error code is displayed, troubleshoot the problem as described below:
The LAN cable is not connected, or the destination address in incorrect. Check that the LAN cable is correctly connected. Also, check that the settings for the destination address and port number are correctly specified. If you are using Scan to FTP, check that the settings for the FTP server address, port number, and proxy server are correctly specified.
The user name or password is incorrect. Make sure that you entered correct user name and password to access the destination folder.
The specified folder doesn’t exist. Check that the save destination folder exists and properly shared on the network.
The disk capacity is full. Free up the disk space on the corresponding disk.
The protocol is incorrect. Ask the administrator to deactivate the protocol usage restriction, or look for other delivery methods, or look for other delivery methods.
An error occurred when data was being transferred. Check that the FTP server is operating properly, or check that the LAN cable is not broken.
SMB transmission malfunctions other than the above. Check the status of the destination device.
Available memory is not sufficient. Expand the memory of the machine.
Characters that cannot be used have been entered. Change file name.

Error 6000 on Canon

Before some days a printer (Canon ip 4200) was brought to me. The printer was displaying error 6000 and the orange and green LED’s were blinking in 3 cycles. Service manual suggests that this is line feed error and parts which are likely to be faulty are timing sensor unit, timing slit disk film, feed roller assembly, platen unit, logic board assembly and paper feed motor. It was a vain attempt to check all these parts. Everything was looking to be fine but the printer was not functioning. This was strange because error 6000 is not rare in Canon inkjet printers. I solved it many times before. Spending a lot time brought me the success. The logic board assembly wiring was damaged. A wire of flexible white harness had gone open. I replaced it with a new one and printer was functioning properly. But normally this does not happen. Normally a bit of paper jammed in the feed rollers or a faulty LF sensor may result in displaying error 6000.