Canon Error E000, E001,E002, E003, E007

I described in a previous post that E000, E001, E002, E003 and E007 are fixing unit temperature error codes. Lets go into more detail now.
Fixing unit is a necessary part of every photocopier and laser printer. It applies high temperature and pressure to melt the toner particles into the fibers of the copy paper. The temperature of a fixing unit must be sufficient to adequately melt the toner particles. Usually, an electronic component called Thermistor is used to measure and control the temperature. If temperature does not reach to a specific level within a predetermined time, it sends signal to the main control board to stop the machine and display error code.
Fixing error codes should be reset by a professional only. Thermistors, heater lamps, thermostats and other parts must be examined carefully before resetting the E000, E001, E003 and E007.Failure to do so may result in severe damage.
How to reset E000, E001, E003 and E007
Canon IR2016, IR2020
Enter the service mode by pressing “additional function” key, “2” and “8” keys in that order. SSSW will display. Press “OK” key.
Change Bit switch 1, bit 0 (might display as the first one on the left using number keys) status, (change 1 to 0 or 0 to 1).
 Press “OK” than Press “Stop” or “Additional Function key” to end service mode or restart the machine.
Canon IR2270/IR2870/IR3570/IR4570/IR5070/IR5570/IR6070/IR6570
Enter the service mode (Press “Additional Function” key, Press “2” and “8” simultaneously, press “Additional Function” key again).
Go to COPIER----FUNCTIONS-----CLEAR----ERR. Here you can reset all error codes on by one.
Canon IC-MF6530/6550/6560/6580
No reset procedure is required, replacing the fuser is the only repair.
Canon D860 series
Press Additional Function key and the “#” key in that order. Go to Printer (number 7), select “Set”, Select “Printer reset” and press “set”.

Canon Error 5100 - How to fix

There is really nothing quite as annoying as asking your expensive Canon MP printing device to print an important document and seeing Canon error 5100 pop up instead of the neatly printed paperwork you need. Understanding the reason for the error 5100 and what steps you should take to resolve the issue can have you back on track with your newly printed page-fast.

Error message: The LED light blinks twice (2xs) and displays: "Error 5100 An error occurred in the carriage encoder signal".

Let's march down the troubleshooting path and look at probable solutions and how to reset Canon error code 5100. The first thing that you should do with a printer error of any type is try to reset the Canon MP printer. Occasionally an error code is a matter of a crossed signal between the Canon ink jet printer and the computer. Rebooting the Canon pixma printer might fix the problem with no more fuss.

1) Clear debris from carriage head to eliminate canon error 5100
Open the Canon printer and look closely for any debris such as small pieces of paper or dirt lodged inside. If such debris is found, remove it, plug Canon pixma back in and see if error code has cleared. 

2) Lubricate the purge cap
If the Canon printer has excess dirt or dust you can use a damp lint free paper towel to gently clean the Canon printer. Once device is cleaned plug it back in and see if error 5100 has cleared. If cleaning and clearing the device does not work then you may need to lubricate the purge cap.The purge cap is the sliding mechanism that the printer head parks into when it is not in use. To lubricate it you will need to remove the right panel from the devise. Once the panel is removed rub a little white grease along the sliders while taking care not to get any grease on the small wipers or the black caps. Once this is done, replace the panel, plug devise back in and see if the error 5100 has cleared.

3) Paper Jammed
Odds are greatest a rogue piece of paper has nested itself in like a rat in a haystack. The solution is to remove all ink cartridges and hit it with canned air, or any other filtered air blower.

4) Set the ink cartridges properly
Less likely, and yet still possible is your ink cartridges need to be re-seated. If you follow the step above, after cleaning you'll be re-seated the cartridges anyway.
5) Clean the Timing film
The timing film is a thin piece of plastic which runs across the width of the devise below the drive belt. It has fine vertical lines running along it and if it becomes dirty then your printer will display an error 5100 message. To clean use a damp lint free paper towel and gently wipe it off. Once strip has been cleaned, plug the devise back in and see if the error message has cleared.
6. Corrupt printer driver results in Canon Error Code 5100
If you have gone through all this and still you have no joy, chase down the latest, greatest print driver and reinstall. Printer driver corruption while low on the odds list, can be quite vexing.

How to reset Canon Error 5100
  • Turn off the printer
  • Unplug the printer power cable
  • Press and hold the power button, and restore the power (a strip with a switch makes this simpler*). Depending on your firmware, you may have to also press and hold the resume button, simultaneously. You may get a one buzz sound.
  • While continuing to press the power button press the resume button twice, in short bursts.
  • Release the power button.
  • Again, depending on the firmware, you may have to press the resume button three more times, and then the power button once. If you got a single buzz before, you should get one again, indicating you have exited programming the firmware. The printer will then switch off.
Plan B to reset Canon 5100 on Canon machines
There is a plan B however, it is at your own risk. Some clever Russian engineers have coded up Canon printer Resetters that can be downloaded. The software can create test patterns, cleaning, EEPROM dumps. Clearing waste counters and much more. And in these days of malware, I think more than twice about downloading free software from sources I don't completely trust.
If all of the above steps do not clear your printer of the error 5100 error then it is possible the logic board assembly or carriage motor has gone bad. If this is the case then you will need to either send the unit in for repairs or replace the machine.

How to Print Screen in Apple

Apple is not a topic that has to give the introduction of itself and especially after the death of Steve Jobs (1955-2011) who was the inventor of this superb product. He makes the computer in reach of a common man. Apple has now become the top most and leading company of cyber world giving motivation to other companies who are seeking towards this business. Apple has got the easiest process of doing work with I-phones. One of their functions is going to be discussed downwards.
Print screen is the function of computer that helps remembering the task when you do the two different works at a same time. So, now I am going to tell you that how to print screen in Apple the process includes some steps that has to be followed.
A.    Firstly you would have to go to the option of GRAB which will be located at the bottom of your I-phone
B.     After clicking on grab you will see many options choose CAPTURE out of them.
C.     After it an option will highlight named SCREEN when you click on it the next option automatically comes and that is SCREEN GRAB.
D.    Now you have to do nothing just click on that option and an untitled image will appear at your screen. If you want to save that just click on save option and it will be saved wherever you wants.

As we are aware that apple has shortcuts for its every function likewise the print screen has also got a shortcut.
COMMAND-SHIFT-3 is used to select the entire screen but if you want some selected screen to be printed then you have to go with COMMAND-SHIFT-4.
So, as we read that the process of How to Print Screen in Apple is quite easy and simple we just have to follow some simple steps otherwise shortcuts are always there to help us.

Printer Sharing Over a Network in Ubuntu

If you have more than one Ubuntu machines on a network you should definitely set up printer sharing for them. It saves the cost of having to buy a printer for each machine or have to move to another Ubuntu machine each time you want to print something.
Luckily, setting up a Ubuntu Print server and printing through other Ubuntu clients is very easy. The only per-requisite for printer sharing is that you need CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System).  CUPS uses the standard Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) to handle print jobs across a network.  You can configure printer sharing in three easy steps:
STEP 1: Installing CUPS
You can install CUPS through Sudo using the following terminal prompt:
sudo apt-get install cupsys cupsys-client

After that just enter your user password and the packages should be downloaded and installed in a few minutes.

STEP 2: Configuring the Ubuntu Print Server
Now that you have CUPS installed, you need to go to your Ubuntu machine, the one which has the printer connected to it. This will be your “Ubuntu Print Server”.  You can configure it properly as follows:
·         Go to System > Administration > Printing.
·         The printer configuration window should pop up.
·         Now select the server tab from the menu bar and then open settings.
·         Once you are in the Basic server settings menu, check the box titled “Publish shared printers connected to this server” and click OK.
·         Now right click the printer you need to share and make sure the “Shared” option is checked, if not check it now.

Now that you have configured the Ubuntu server to share the attached printer(s), we’ll head on to:

STEP 3: Setting up client Ubuntu machines for remote Printing.
The client machines are the ones you want to use to print documents remotely to the Ubuntu Print server.  You need to repeat the following steps on every Ubuntu client (that you want to print from) on the network to set up remote printing.

·         Open System > Administration > Printing
·         In the Printer Configuration window, go to Add > Network Printer.
·         Click on “Find Network Printer and then click on Find again.
·         Optionally you can specify the “Ubuntu Print server’s” IP address or Host name if you are having problems finding the printer.
·         Once you click Find, printers connected to the Ubuntu server should show up here.  If they don’t show up you can open the Terminal and enter the following Prompt to restart CUPS and then check again:
·         sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart

And that’s it; you should now be able to print remotely from your Ubuntu clients to the Print server.
A few additional notes:
  1. You need CUPS on both the Print server and the client PCs for this to work properly. 
  2.  It’s recommended that you assign your Print server a static IP address to prevent issues if the IP address change. Optionally when going to “Find Network Printer” in Step 3, you could specify the Host name to prevent problems. 
  3. This method only works for Printer sharing between Ubuntu machines. If you want to Print from a Windows PC to a Ubuntu server, or from a Ubuntu client to a Windows server, you’ll need to Install SAMBA which is another protocol you need to make cross platform Printer sharing between Ubuntu/Windows OS work.

Canon Error 5200

Canon printers are one of my favorite print devices. I have been using them in my office since a long time and they work great for me. Before a couple of month I purchased Canon PIXMA IP2770 to print photos (By the way, I have a 12MP Canon ELPH 310 HS camera). It worked according to my expectations and I was quite satisfied with it while it suddenly started to show “Error 5200”. I restarted the printer and it gone but came again while sending a new print job. After consulting a canon technician and searching a lot of websites I understood that the 5200 error is the print head exceeds temperature error condition. It means that one or more ink cartridges gone empty and printing was continued resulting in printhead burning. Luckily a lot of canon ink cartridges come with new printhead so it should not be a big problem. Unplug both cartridges and replace them with a new one. Hope it will fix the problem.