Xerox Error Codes

The following error list is carefully collected from various sources and should be consider as "information only". It is strongly recommended to call a xerox technician to repair a machine. Self repairing may result in damage. Use CTL + F to quickly find your desired error code.

01-xx codes are standby power
  • 01-301: Front door open
  • 01-305 HCF or bypass door open
  • 01-310 36 volt DC interlock
  • 01-705 IOT overheat (not fuser)
  • 01-710 IOT overheat (not fuser)
  • 01A: DC voltage problem
  • 01B: Can not power up
  • 01C 36 volt DC power
  • 01D: DC low volt problem
  • 01E: Can not power down
  • 01F: Can not clear message
  • 01G: Can not power down
02-xxx Codes are user interface (UI)
  • 02-309/364: UI power on self test error
  • 02-311: ROS communication (Laser)
  • 02-312/314/314: Communication problem with finisher
  • 02-320/380/390/391: UI communication
  • 02-705/706/707/709/712/715: UI software
  • 02-711 RAM space
  • 02-A: Cannot select machine feature.
  • 02-B: LEDs blinking
  • 02-C No display
  • 02-D: Display too bright
  • 02-E: User interface problem
  • 02-F: Constant boot up screen
  • 02-F: PO/PO message constant. codes are machine run control
  • 03-301/305: SCAM board
  • 03-311: ROS (Laser) error
  • 03-312/313/314: Finisher communication
  • 03-321: SCVM communication
  • 03-322: SCVM download
  • 03-325 Wall clock
  • 03-330: Image processor to scanner
  • 03-331/332: ESS communication
  • 03-335: Finisher board accidental reset
  • 03-336: SCAM board reset problem
  • 03-337: ROS control module
  • 03—338: Main board reset
  • 03-340/341/342/343: IIOC bus 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 communication
  • 03-345: IIOC all buses
  • 03-346: Control panel
  • 03-347: UI error
  • 03-348: Main board
  • 03-349: SCSI board
  • 03-352: Auto segmentation board
  • 03-354: Scan communication
  • 03-355: MCB post
  • 03-360: EP-SV communication
  • 03-370/371/372/373/374/375: Control data
  • 03-800: Main control board
  • 03-801: Toner motor, user fan, IIOC board, distribution board or bus board
  • 03-803/804/805/806: Tray1 or tray2 paper feed driver plate
  • 03-808: IIOC board
  • 03-809: Toner bottle motor, power on relay, dry ink dispenser, IIOC board
  • 03-811: LVPS fan, IIOC board
  • 03-812: Duplex wait clutch
  • 03-813: Xerographic blower or erase lamp
  • 03-815: Copy counter or resettable counter
  • 03-820: Main control board
  • 03-823/824/825/826/827: Tray3 or tray4 paper feed drive plates
  • 03-828: Inverter reverse drive solenoid
  • 03-829: Inverter entrance gate solenoid
  • 03-831: HCF failure
  • 03-832/833/834: Bypass problem
  • 03-835: IIOC module decurler
  • 03-836: laser fan, developer fan, registration clutch or IIOC boad
  • 03-837: HCF
  • 03-840: Main control board
  • 03-841: OCT offset motor or OCT IIOC
  • 03A: SCB distribution cable, distribution board or main control board
  • 03B: CRUM, distribution cable, distribution board or main control baord
  • 03C/ DE: IIOC bus 0, 1, 2
  • 03F: Reset
  • 03G: Main board
  • 03H: Foreign accessory
  • 03J: Checksum
  • 03K: Atlanta gold and platinum main board; rev levels.
  • 03L: IOT won't boot codes are at start print power
  • 04-201/202: Developer motor, vertical transport, duplex, registration or SCAM board
  • 04-205/206: Photo-receptor belt motor or xerographic module
  • 04-210/211: Fuser motor
The above list is created for C65/C75/M65/M75/Pro65/Pro75/240DC/240LP/240ST/255DC/255ST/265DC/265LP/265ST/460/470 series but may also be valid for other model.
More Codes

010-320 Fixing unit (located near the paper exit section) overheat.

1,001.46: The upper 525-sheet feeder had an over-current condition. The lift motor or clutch may be shorted.
1,002.47: The lower 525-sheet feeder had an over-current condition. The lift motor or clutch may be shorted.
  • 1. Unplug all connectors to the feeder.
  • 2. Remove the feeder and inspect the connector.
  • 3. Replace any damaged connectors either on the feeder or engine.
  • 4. Reset and reconnect the feeder.
2,001.47: The print engine cannot detect the presence of the I/O Board.
  • Check I/O Bard connections.
  • Reseat the connections and power On the printer.
  • Test I/O board wiring
2,006.65: This fault code indicates a problem with the printer program. ROM could not be loaded.
37,002.47:PEST Error - Printhead Left jetstack disconnect. The left jetstack is not drawing the expected power from the supply.
Devices sharing the printer’s AC circuit shared, such as a laser printer, a coffee maker, or a space heater, may be placing heavy intermittent demand on the AC circuit. This sudden inductive demand creates momentary AC voltage sag that causes the PEST test to fail. Verify the AC power source prior to troubleshooting these errors.
4,017.47: This fault code indicates a problem with the process control system. The ambient temperature is considered too cold to warm up the printer (less than 10o C).
  • 1. Verify the temperature of the room where the printer is located .
  • Is the room temperature too cold?
  • Ensure the printer is acclimated to the room temperature.
4,024.42: This fault code indicates a problem with the wiper. The wiper is not aligned properly and engaged the head-tilt while in the waste lock position.
042-326 IBT/Transfer belt problem, requires NVM access to reset. Clean/ vac excessive toner from the IBT belt and cleaner assy. Clean the silver patch on the belt; replace if worn. Also clean the IBT assymbly especially the rollers that come in contact with the belt (i.e. backup roll, idler roll, etc).  In order to clear this condition, reset NVM location 741-105 to 0 by entering diagnostics.
5,001.41: The Drum turned one full revolution without seeing the Drum home sensor activate.
6,000.41: An X-Axis Motor current error occurred.
The 7,007.49, 7,008.41, 7009.42, and 7,010.43 : Print-head was unable to tilt normally on its axis.
  • The printer was powered off in the middle of a cleaning cycle and the Wiper Blade has frozen to the Print-head.
  • A Drum Maintenance Camshaft lobe is broken and holding the Drum Maintenance Kit’s oil roller against the Drum when it should be retracted to its home position.
  • Process Drive not being aligned correctly.
  • A damaged Print-head Restraint.
  • Ink spilled in the Roll Block preventing proper Print-head motion.
8,005.48: The Media Drive stalled while moving the Wiper to home position.
  • 1. Check for paper in the paper path that is adding drag to the rollers. Look for paper or wiring interfering with the take away roller.
  • 2. Remove the Tray 1 Pick Solenoid to view the meshing of the Take Away Roller’s gears to the Media Drive Assembly.
8,055.44: The Media Drive stalled while engaging head-tilt.Check for obstructions in the Wiper Assembly path.
9,000.44: Ink Loader device fault
  1. Is the ink Genuine Xerox? Are they the correct sticks for the model?
  2. Manually verify that the ink stick is able o advance in the ink loader chute.
  3. Check for broken or wrong type ink sticks.

    010-320 Fixing unit (located near the paper exit section) overheat.

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