Kyocra Copiers Error, How to Reset

kyocera machines have a self diagnostic function to displays an error code whenever a problem occurs. Low level error codes can be reset by restarting the machine but higher risk level codes (C6000, C6020, C6030, C6050, C6100, C6200, C6300 etc) need to be reset by pressing some keys in a particular sequence. Before we go into the detail of reset procedure, let have a look at the root cause of these errors.

1. Unstable power source
2. Low/High voltage
3. Broken thermistor wire
4. Poor contact in the thermistor connector terminals.
5. Heater lamps are broken or not installed correctly.

Before resetting "6XXX" series code, make sure that defective parts have been replaced/repaired.
Reset Procedure:
Enter 1087-1087 (1087 twice) from the keypad.
Enter 163 by using keypad.
Press "Start" (the green button) twice.
The machine will restart automatically.


  1. thanks my machine is done,...thanks to ur advice

    1. can u help me ? i am also cannot done my print from my machine

    2. Manish Chaturvedi8/27/2016 6:22 AM

      my machine 1800 kyocera error 6020 aa rahi hai please geve solu tion

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    I have Kyocera taskalfa 1800 a3 copier mechine, I have problem now, Scan going fast, but print coming after 20 second, What is the reason Sir, Can you help me please, Thanking You Shamnad, my email address

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  • will reset key combination 1087 1087 for kyocera work for triumph adler cd2025? pls hlp.

  • However, I had a question, is it possible to start this business and opt for schools, churches for bulk printing? like exams, binding & printing books, certificates, etc and get a good market?

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  • Chikumbutso Paiva1/10/2016 9:36 PM

    I have km 2560 it displays paper jam and when open the door no paper is jam and I can't operate the machine since it keep showing the same error. What can I do to clear this error? My email address is

    1. sayyed zafruddin12/08/2016 8:13 AM

      Same problem here what I do I don't understand please help someone

    2. Jake Johnson3/14/2017 12:54 AM

      This is probably something to do with the cassette/tray feeder unit. Could also be that the paper guides are too tight/loose, crumpled paper, loose paper, etc. Clean the feed tires, check their wear (they should have a grippy surface and not be slick) and if it has a separation "cork" make sure it isn't heavily worn. In most printers/MFPs these parts need to be cleaned and changed periodically. Long story short: if it's jamming with no paper stuck in the machine, 9/10 times something is preventing feeding at the paper tray.