Product Review: Canon IP4500 Printer Looks Like it Works

When I purchased an Apple Mac Computer, a free printer was thrown into the offer. Now I already had a printer, and I know the idea was to give me a printer so that I would have to spend money on ink from then on, but I went ahead and […]

Review of the HP Photosmart 380 Series Photo Printer

Having a photo printer at home is a time-saving convenience. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a picture, dowload it to the computer (or insert the memory card from the camera) and have a picture with a touch of a button? The HP Photosmart 380 […]

Portable Photo Printers

3 interesting things about portable photo printers Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait until you get home to print that brilliant photo essay you just shot at the park, right? Well, at least we think so. The alternative is to get your very own portable photo printer and […]

What to Do If a Printer Takes a Long Time to Begin Printing in Windows XP

I once worked at an office that had about thirteen printers, but not one of them seemed to work properly. Either they wouldn’t print in color, they wouldn’t print at all, or they’re print garbled text or something like that. There was one printer that everyone waited to use–it printed […]

The Best Printers for Back to School

Being able to take online classes is great. You can show up to lectures in your pajamas and send in your assignments by email, without having to use those fiddly “pencil” things. But most students still have to show up for class, preferably wearing something more than pajamas. And those […]

Choosing the Best Multifunction Printer for Your Home or Home Office

A multifunction printer, often known as an all in one printer can be a printer that combines numerous different options into a solitary machine. This makes a smaller footprint best fitted to small businesses or home offices somewhere separate devices for every functionality takes up a great deal of room. […]

Hewlett Packard Printer Scanner Copier Series 2200

The HP PSC 2200 is probably the best multi-use printer I’ve ever owned. The quality of print and scan is almost unbelievable. I can scan in a 4×6 photo, and enlarge it to an 8×10 in just a few seconds, without any loss of clarity. The PSC 2200 also has […]

How to Recycle Your Printer Cartridges

Recycling your printer cartridges not only reduces waste and helps the environment, but also is economically beneficial for both manufacturer and consumer. Many makers of printer cartridges and stores that sell them offer consumers the ability to send or drop off empty cartridges at no cost to the consumer. Some […]

How to Create Printer Friendly Pages for Your Readers

Some times the information that we find on the Web is so useful, interesting, or cute, that we simply must print a copy to share or reread at a more leisurely pace. Therefore, creating a printer friendly Web page is essential if you want your readers coming back for more. […]