Konica Minolta/Ineo/Develop Error Codes

Konica Minolta Bizhub/ineo/develop machines display an error code when a problem occurs in the machine. It is alway a good practice to call a certified technician to fix the problem. The following information has carefully been collected from various sources without any guarantee.
The most common error code in bizhub/konica minolta/ineo machines is C 2557. This code indicates a problem in toner density measurement. Either toner density sensor is faulty or toner/developer quantity is low in the developing unit.
Code Cause
C0000 Main Motor malfunction
C0044 ADF cooling fan failure
C0045 Fusing cooling fan motor malfunction
C004E Power supply cooling fan motor malfunction
C0070 Toner replenishing motor malfunction
C0210 Abnormal image transfer voltage
C03FF Faulty model setting
C0500, C0501, C0510 Fuser Roller low temperature/ Warm-up Failure
C0520, C0521 Hight Fusing Temperature
C0650 Faulty scanner home position sensor
C0F32 Faulty TCR sensor
C1300 Polygon motor malfunction
C133B Communication with option error
Konica Minolta 250/350 Errors.
C0001 LCT Communication failure
C0701 Manual Paper Size Detection adjustment failure
C11B0 Staple Unit CD Drive problem
C11D0 Crease motor drive failure
C2557 Toner Density sensor problem
C2654 EEPROM with no data is detected
C3451, C3452 Fusing warm-up failure
C3751, C3752, High Fuser Temperature
C3851, C3852 Low Fuser Temperature
Bizhub C250 Error List

C2151 2nd Image Transfer Roller Separation
C2253 Color PC Drum Motor failure to turn
C2254 Color PC Drum motor’s turning at abnormal timing
C255A Magenta TCR sensor adjustment failure
C3452 Pressure Roller Thermistor problem
C4705 Image Output time out
C4761 Compression hardware timeout
C9402 Exposure Lamp turning ON at abnormal timing
CB113 FAX Driver Error
CC152 ROM content error upon startup
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