Secrets of Error 5200 on Canon Printers

Canon printers provide reliable quality printing for home and office use. However, when you receive an error code 5200 on your Canon Printer, it can be an exasperating situation. Here is a simple guide to help you solve the problem so you can get back to work.

What is Error 5200

The Error 5200 code has to do with ink levels and usage within the printer. The printer is programmed to combine all of the remaining ink colors to make black. Soon this means that all ink cartridges installed in the printer are empty or close to empty. So the operator looks at the ink level guide to see that the black is gone and colors are nearly gone, and they proceed by replacing only the black ink, with the intention to use the rest of the color ink in the cartridges.

However, once the black ink is installed, sometimes a malfunction of the printer and ink level reader will case the error code 5200 to appear. There are some who feel this may be a conspiracy of the ink racket to sell more ink by forcing you to replace all cartridges at once.

Regardless of any ulterior motives involved in this error code, there are some simple solutions you can try to get the error to go away.

How To Reset the Error

The first step in trying to resolve the error code 5200 is to turn the printer off and wait several seconds before turning it back on. This may have the effect of resetting the ink level readers so that they read correctly.

If this does not work, the next step is to remove the power cord and completely unplug the printer. This may serve the same reset function as turning the printer on and off but might do the trick if the first step fails.

If the printer is plugged directly into an outlet and none of the above is working, try the following fix: turn the printer off, press the stop button and hold it down for 2 seconds, press the ON button, hold it and release the stop button, press the stop button five times then release together with the on button. The LCD screen will be blank and the printer will reset. The computer may say that new hardware is detected – you can just ignore that. Turn the printer off then turn it on one more time.

If you have tried all of the above and there is still no improvement to the error 5200 situation, you need to move on to changing out all of the ink cartridges. Even if they are mostly full, you need to just go ahead and put in all new ink. This can cause a reset in the ink level gauges as well, which might solve the problem.

Contact Canon directly if you cannot get the error 5200 code to go away. Your printer may still be under warranty and you may be able to get additional help to solve the error, or you might be entitled to a new printer.

Angry Birds is brain candy

The angry bird phenomenon effects people of all ages. The goal of the game is to launch birds using a variety of sling shots into structures to knock them down. This simplistic game with easy clear cut goals is attractive to many people.

Kids especially seem to go crazy for these Angry Birds! The Birds are a full blown phenomenon with kids. There are lunch boxes, blankets, sheets, pillows, clothing and other apparel. It is just one of those things that has really taken hold in pop culture!

Both adults and children can be seen playing the Angry Birds. It is an easy game that is entertaining and passes the time. It would seem that kids jumped on the band wagon after young adults were already on it.
The brand is simply booming and although the trend has quieted some there are still millions of devotees to the Angry Birds. It is a pop culture phenomenon and like any other pop culture phenomenon there is simply no rhyme or real reason that makes it popular.

It is hard to say what really drives the success of the Angry Birds. It is likely that their simplicity is what attracts people in droves to the brand. Their bright colors may play a role in why people are attracted to them or at least why kids seem to be so head over heels over them.

Most parents do not object to Angry Birds because there is no real violence, no foul language and no real threat to anyone's well being by playing the game. It is a form of good clean fun for anyone that plays it.

A lot of people can not understand the pull of the game because there is no violence or real life type of tie to the game other than it is just fun. Most people that do not understand the draw have not really given themselves the opportunity to get hooked.

Angry Birds is like the PacMan of the 2000's! It does not have any real meaning, it does not make sense to those that don't play it but to those that do it seems the most natural thing in the world to be doing.

Maybe Angry Birds just showed up at the right time. Maybe kids and adults were tired of playing the heavy commitment time management type games like SIMS life and they just needed brain candy? Angry Birds is brain candy!

Turn Your Smartphone Into Document Scanner

Scanning documents has quickly become a common practice for most businesses that are looking to increase productivity and efficiency. Scanned documents allow you to store more information and communicate at quicker speeds. With the introduction of scanning software, the document scanning process has been transformed and made even more convenient. All of the advantages of traditional document scanning can now be accessed on-the-go with the use of your smartphone. Documents and data are an integral part of everyday business and now you can access these documents from any location by simply using scanner software.

Easy Storage of Information

Instead of having to deal with countless paper documents or have to wait until you get back in the office, you can now read and interpret important information on-the-go. You can store and retrieve documents with little effort and save enormous amounts of time during the process. You have the ability to backup and sync documents with ease by simply using scanner software. 

Improve Communication

Communication is an important component of any successful business and with the use of document scanning software for mobile devices, you have the ability to improve the sharing of information. Being accessible is one thing, but now you can make information and documents more highly accessible. Scanning a document with your smartphone can allow information to be sent across the world with one click of a button. The productivity and efficiency of your business will increase immensely and lead to increased profitability.


With the use of this innovative scanning software, you can have access to data at all times and don’t have to sort through countless paper documents or old fashioned filing systems. Intelligent document management allows you to manage your documents on-the-go and sort documents with ease by using tags, lists and thumbnail modes. You can even use passwords to increase security for confidential documents and data. 

Backup Advantages of Scanned Documents

You will no longer have to worry about data loss or the organization of paper documents. You now have the ability to access more cloud space for free and can scan, sync, edit and share documents on a variety of devices securely.
Document scanning software will quickly transform the way that documents are both accessed and shared.
You may search apps stores to find a suitable software for your device. I'm using CamScanner and it's really great.