Scanning with Paint in Windows 8

When you install a printer driver in windows 8, you can scan from your computer without installing additional HP software. This article will show you how to scan with your HP printer using Paint. First, place the item you want to scan on the printer’s scanner glass or load into the automatic document feeder if your printer has one. From your computer, right-click the lower left corner of the computer screen to display the menu, click search, click Apps if not already selected. In the search box, type Paint. From the results, click Paint. Once Paint opens, click on File. Click “From scanner or camera”. If you have more than one printer drivers installed on your computer, you must choose the printer you would like to scan from. Click on your desired printer’s name and then click OK. Change any settings necessary to customize your scan. Make sure to select either the Flatbed of Document Feeder from Paper Source. Once all desired options have been adjusted, click Scan. When the scan completes, it will show in the Paint window. You can edit or save the image from Paint.

How To Reset A Canon MP240 Printer

A lot of printer problems can be fixed by just resetting the printer to factory defaults. In this article, I'm going to show you how to reset Canon MP240 printer. First of all turn off your printer than press and hold the reset button (the red button at bottom right) and the ON button simultaneously. Now release the red button and press it twice while holding the ON button. Now release the ON button. Wait for a while and a zero should come up on the display. Now press the red button four times than press the ON button twice. The printer will turn off automatically. Turn on your printer; a paper should come out with a report. Here you are done.