Error 1102 on Kyocera/Copystar

Kyocera/Copystar manual describes that error 1102 means that “The login user name is incorrect or the domain name has not been entered. Enter login user name, domain and password correctly. But world is not so simple. Windows Vista/Windows 7 users who are on a domain must enter there complete user name in this format: (domainname\username). Make sure that the user has write access to the folder being shared (See How to setup SMB). If everything is fine, check if the firewall is blocking communication between the machine and PC by temporarily turning off the firewall.

Kyocera FS-6025 Clean Slit Glass

Kyocera FS-6025 is multifunction machine. It has ability to work as copier, scanner, printer and fax. Like other digital copiers its split glass should be cleaned regularly otherwise black lines start to appear on the print. To prevent this issue the machine automatically detects dirty slit glass and displays a message “Clean the slit glass”. In case you want to disable this function follow these steps:
Enter the service mode (Enter 1087- 1087 on the keypad).
U000 will blink.
Go to U326 (Setting the black line cleaning indication) and set it to off.