Fixing Error Codes on Ineo 160/1673/213

Fixing error codes are displayed on the panel of the machine whenever a problem is detected in fixing temperature. Either high or low temperature could be a cause of errors given below:
C0500: Warm- Up failure
C0501: Warm-Failure (Bizhub 211/220 only)
C0510: Abnormally low fusing temperature
C0511: Abnormally low fusing temperature
C0520: Abnormally high fusing temperature
C0521: Abnormally high fusing temperature
  1. Check that the fusing roller heater lamp and sub heater lamp turn ON when the power switch is turned ON.
  2.  Check the resistance of fusing roller thermostat. Thermostat needs to be replaced if its resistance is infinity.
How to reset:
To reset the codes turn ON the power switch while pressing down the Stop key. Before resetting these codes make sure that faulty parts have been replaced or properly repaired. Failure to do that may cause fire or other damages.

C6400/6000 on Kyocera Mita KM1500

Almost all kyocera Mita products display error message C6XXX whenever a problem is detected in fixing temperature or fixing unit. C6000/C6200/C6050 and C6400 all are related to fixing unit. Service manual states that possible causes are as below:
C6000 & C6050
  • Poor contact in the thermistor connector terminal.
  • Thermistor installed incorrectly.
  • Thermal cutout triggered.
  • Heater lamp installed incorrectly.
  • Broken heater wire.
  • Shored thermistor
  • Broken heater control circuit on the power supply board.
  • Poor contact in the connector terminals. Check the connection of connectors CY7 on the engine board and CN2 on the power supply board.
  • Defective power supply board.
  • Defective engine board.
Sometimes only an unstable power source is the cause of these error messages.
How to reset:
  1. Press the Stop/clear (red) key, Start (green) key and the left copy exposure key in the order presented and hold them down.
  2. Release the keys and than press Stop/clear key again (within few seconds).
  3. Using the copy exposure adjustment keys or the Zoom +/- keys go to mode U163.
  4. Press the start key.
  5. If prompted (I'm not sure) confirm that you want to reset the fixing data.
  6. Here you go. 
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    Error 1102 on Kyocera/Copystar

    Kyocera/Copystar manual describes that error 1102 means that “The login user name is incorrect or the domain name has not been entered. Enter login user name, domain and password correctly. But world is not so simple. Windows Vista/Windows 7 users who are on a domain must enter there complete user name in this format: (domainname\username). Make sure that the user has write access to the folder being shared (See How to setup SMB). If everything is fine, check if the firewall is blocking communication between the machine and PC by temporarily turning off the firewall.

    Kyocera FS-6025 Clean Slit Glass

    Kyocera FS-6025 is multifunction machine. It has ability to work as copier, scanner, printer and fax. Like other digital copiers its split glass should be cleaned regularly otherwise black lines start to appear on the print. To prevent this issue the machine automatically detects dirty slit glass and displays a message “Clean the slit glass”. In case you want to disable this function follow these steps:
    Enter the service mode (Enter 1087- 1087 on the keypad).
    U000 will blink.
    Go to U326 (Setting the black line cleaning indication) and set it to off.

    How to Setup SMB Scan on Windows 7

    SMB (Server Message Box) is a well-known protocol for providing shared access to files, printers, serial ports etc between nodes on a network. Many Multi-function (All in one) devices provide network scanning functionality using this protocol. Once configured properly, this is one of the most user friendly methods for network scanning. Let’s see how to do it.
    • Open Control Panel - Network and Internet. 
    •  Select Network and Sharing Center.
    • Select “Change advance sharing setting”. 
    •  Make sure “turn on file and printer sharing” is enabled.
    • Make sure “Enable file sharing for device that use 40- or 56- bit encryption” and “Turn on password protected sharing” is enabled.
    Firewall Settings:   
    •  Open the “Control Panel - System and Security - Allow a program through Windows Firewall”. 
    •  Make sure that “File and printer sharing” is checked. 
    Shared Folder Setup: 
    •  Right click on your destination folder and select “Properties”. Select the sharing tab and click the “Share” button. 
    •  Click “Share”. 
    •  Click “Done” after your folder is shared. 
    •  Click “Advanced Sharing” and select the “Share this folder” box. 
    •  Click “Permissions” and add “Everyone” (or login user name) with full control. Click “OK” and you’re done. Now you are ready to configure the MFP for scan to folder SMB.
    Advanced Firewall settings for SMB scanning with Windows 7 
    You may have to adjust the advanced firewall settings if the MFP and the Windows 7 computers are on different networks. For example, the MFP has an IP address of and the computer has an IP address of In this case Windows 7’s firewall will block SMB traffic. In addition to adding an exception for “File and Printer Sharing” in the firewall, you will have to follow these steps. 
    • Open “Control Panel” and go to “System and Security” 
    •  Click “Windows Firewall”.
    • Select Advance Setting”.
    ·         There are four settings in “File and Printer Sharing that you will have to adjust. See the screenshot given below:

    Double click on “File and Printer sharing (NB- Datagram-In)” rule for the Private and Domain profiles.Under the Scope tab, select “Any IP address”. You can also enter a specific IP address or range by selecting “These IP addresses” and clicking “Add”. Do the same for “File and Printer Sharing (NB-Name-In)”, “File and Printer Sharing (NB- Session- In)”, and “File and Printer Sharing (SMB- In)”.
    ·         Try SMB scan folder setup again. If permissions and sharing is setup correctly, then you should have success.

    fine art papers

    To obtain perfect print quality, selection of “right” media is very important. There is no single suggestion that fulfills all requirements. Paper selection very much depends on the image, the scene, the light in will be viewed in, whether the print is color or black-and-white. It also depends upon printer you are using and having an adequate profile for your paper, ink and printer.

    Best way to work with papers is to use a paper recommended by the printer manufacturer. Famous printer manufacturers offer a number of really fine papers. For home and small offices, it will be useful to use two types of papers. A cheap paper to be used for test prints and proof prints. A Semigloss or Luster paper might be good choice for this purpose. For high quality keep some fine art papers that you will use for high quality printing. These papers will cost more and need extra care while printing. Here is a list of papers that have given good results according to our experiments:

    • Matte papersMatte fine art papers

    • Satin/glossy coated rag papers

    • Satin papers with a very soft gloss finish

    • Luster/pearl papers
    • High-gloss papers
    • Specialty papers and canvas