Kyocra Copiers Error, How to Reset

kyocera machines have a self diagnostic function to displays an error code whenever a problem occurs. Low level error codes can be reset by restarting the machine but higher risk level codes (C6000, C6020, C6030, C6050, C6100, C6200, C6300 etc) need to be reset by pressing some keys in a particular sequence. Before we go into the detail of reset procedure, let have a look at the root cause of these errors.

1. Unstable power source
2. Low/High voltage
3. Broken thermistor wire
4. Poor contact in the thermistor connector terminals.
5. Heater lamps are broken or not installed correctly.

Before resetting "6XXX" series code, make sure that defective parts have been replaced/repaired.
Reset Procedure:
Enter 1087-1087 (1087 twice) from the keypad.
Enter 163 by using keypad.
Press "Start" (the green button) twice.
The machine will restart automatically.

Bizhub 250c Troubleshooting

Ineo 250 machine is equipped with a self diagnostic funcion. It automatically discovers any problem during and after the intializing process. Simple problems can be solved by the user, but If a malfunction that cannot be corrected by the user occurres, the “Malfunction detected" code appears. The machine displays an abort code (CFXXX) on the Control Panel as it becomes unable to process tasks properly through its software control. When the system program is aborted, check the electrical component, unit, option, and connection relating to the specific type of the abort condition. Some important codes are given below:
C0001 LCT Connection can not be established
C0102 LCT Vertical Transport Motor Error
C0204 Tray 2 Elevator failure
C0206 Tray 3 Elevator failure
C0208 Tray 4 Elevator failure
C0209 LCT Elevator Motor malfunction (Elevator malfunction)
C0210 LCT ascent motion failure
C0211 Manual Tray Rise Descent Error
C3751 High temperature is detected (Fusing Roller)
C3752 Pressure Roller high temperature
C3851 Fusing roller low temperatre
C3852 Press roller low temperature
C4551 Laser Unit Problem (Cyan)
C4552 Laser Unit Problem (Magenta)
C4553 Laser Unit Problem (Yellow)
C4554 Laser Unit Problem (Black)
If an abort code is displayed than machins stops to work. Some abort code are:
CF001 CT_SingleList Table Abnormal
CF002 CT_DoubleList Table Abnormal
CF003 CT_DoubleList Table Abnormal
CF004 CT_Queue Full Abnormal
CF011 ArrayLink Abnormal
CF012 FAT Link Abnormal