How to Buy the Right Printer Cable

In order for the printer to work it needs to be connected with the computer. And the connection is done through a cable. It sometimes happens that you require buying a printer cable when it gets misplaced, lost or damaged somehow. It will be ridiculous to think that purchasing a […]

Wireless Printer Review: Lexmark X7675

We like the X7675’s style as it looks clean and modern. It comes with lots of curves that smooth out the edges, which make it look streamlined, and the black nicely accentuates the silver. Paper is fed from the slim back-loading tray. The lower tray pulls out from within the […]

How to Use Your Shape Tool in OfficePrinter

If you are new to using OfficePrinter, this tutorial will show you how to use the Shape Tool. You can use the shape tool on any project you are creating. You can change the color, size, border, and more of the shapes. To get started with this tutorial, you can […]

5 of Epson’s Most Popular All-In-One Printers

Until the computer became a common household addition, hardly anyone owned a printer, scanner or copier. Now all three are common place in the home and many people use them on a daily basis for pictures and other items. There was a time when wanting to be able to copy, […]

The Top Sprinters at Raynham-Taunton Greyhound Park

Raynham-Taunton Greyhound Park, located in Raynham, Massachusetts a half hour east of Providence, Rhode Island and 45 minutes south of Boston, boasts the top sprinters in the New England area. Eight of them are going to mix it up in the upcoming Night of Stars XIX, a national program of […]

Find Good Advice in Printer Repair Forum

Having a printer sitting right at your desk, ready to whip out printed pages for you at a moments notice is a great thing to have, at least it is until it starts giving you fits. If you are experiencing problems with your printer, a printer repair forum can be […]

Walgreens’ Printer Ink Refill Service is a Must-Try

The cost of purchasing a brand new cartridge of printer ink is often expensive, depending on the type of printer you own. Because of this I had been taking my printer ink cartridges to an ink cartridge refill center. However, the printer ink refill center was not located in a […]

How to Go Green: How to Recycle Printer Cartridges

The ink or toner cartridges you use in your home or office printer were built to last and if you throw them away the plastic will sit in landfills for years. This is why many companies encourage you to recycle your used printer cartridges when they run out of ink. […]

Brother HL-3070cw Color LED Printer Review

The Brother HL-3070cw Color LED Printer is an affordable color printer for small offices; the price range begins at 350 dollars. One of its most advanced features is the wireless connection. The Brother HL-3070cw printer has a lot of advantages, including the Wi-Fi feature, but it lets itself down when […]

Consider a Laser Printer for Big Savings

Do you use an inkjet printer to print out coupons? If so, it might not be worth it. I found we were using so much ink and even if we refilled the ink cartridges, it wasn’t worth it. Also, we were selling products used books and DVD’s on and […]